This is a website about eyelash extensions.

And semi-permanent eyebrows (microblading, micropigmentation).

Salons – for homepage

We have a list of the best salons, and a map so you can find them.

Click “Best Value Salons” on the menu at the top right of this page. Then choose your town or city.

Information on eyelash extensions – for homepage

We tell you how to choose the eyelash extensions which will give you the look you want.

We explain the factors you have to take into account, what you should expect, and how to look after your new lashes.

Information on eyebrow treatments – for homepage

Should you take the plunge with a ‘permanent’ eyebrow treatment?

We tell you what you need to know about micropigmentation and microblading, so you can make a safe decision.

We also explain all about ‘permanent’ eyeliner.


Using the menus – for homepage

You will be able to find most of what you need by using the dropdown menu at the top of the page.

There are sidebars on many pages, leading you to even more detailed information and choices.