101 tips for your eye area

Anti-aging eye tips:

  1. Loss of eyebrow hair is a sign of aging. Don’t pluck too thin or you will look older than your time
  2. Don’t wear dark eyeliner on the top and bottom – it will draw attention to crow’s feet. Rather, wear dark on top and light on bottom
  3. For those starting to show signs of age, black eyeliner can be unforgiving. Try a brown instead
  4. Apply eye makeup using your ring finger, its gentler than the rest
  5. Search for anti-aging creams with retinol and peptides
  6. Fine lines around the eyes are often caused by dehydration. Drink a glass of water before bed and plenty throughout the day
  7. Avoid rubbing your eyes. It can cause wrinkles
  8. Try Restylane or Botox fillers for an eye rejuvenation
  9. Try a frownie! These are adhesive patches that remind you not to frown when you are sleeping!

Eye makeup tips

  1. Use an eye primer when using shadows. It will help to fill in the creases of your eyes, so your makeup doesn’t settle into wrinkles
  2. Have a hard time applying eyeliner pencils? Use it to draw a line on your hand, pick the pigment up with a stiff eye brush, and apply to your eye that way
  3. Flesh coloured eyeliner on the bottom rim of the eyes will make them look bigger and brighter
  4. Add a shimmer to the inner corner of your eyes and on your brow bone to brighten your entire face
  5. Dip a q-tip in makeup remover to correct eye makeup mistakes
  6. Press your eyeshadow onto your eye, don’t swipe it
  7. A light coloured concealer can help to camouflage crow’s feet
  8. Blue eyeliner brightens the whites of your eyes
  9. Apply eye cream to your lids before doing makeup. It will make it go on smoother and will prevent it from sticking in creases
  10. Puffy eyes? Use a darker concealer.
  11. A subtle smoky eye can be created using dark shades of nude and brown
  12. If you choose to wear a dark smoky eye, keep the rest of your face light
  13. Primer applied before shadow will help it last longer
  14. It will also intensify the colour
  15. If you have hard lines of eyeshadow, blend them with a brush
  16. When drawing a cat eye, tilt your chin up and look down at the mirror
  17. Use a primer before mascara, it will make your lashes longer and thicker
  18. When using mascara on the bottom lashes, opt for a smaller brush that can grab them better
  19. Fake lashes will make your eyes look bigger
  20. If your eyes look droopy, skip mascara on the bottom lash
  21. Wait for the first coat of mascara to dry before applying a second
  22. Blow-dry your lash curler before using it to make it extra effective
  23. Separate clumped lashes with a lash comb
  24. Never mix mascaras or you will get clumps
  25. Don’t pump your mascara brush. It will create clumps. Twist it instead.
  26. Use a lighter mascara and eyeliner to ditch raccoon eyes
  27. Define your eyebrows to make your eyes pop
  28. Create depth by using a lighter shadow over your entire lid and darker shadow in the crease
  29. To make light bounce off of your eyes, apply sparkly eyeshadow under the eyebrow and in the tear duct
  30. Never skip mascara. It can take years off your appearance and make you stand out in photos
  31. Curling your lashes will make your eyes look bigger
  32. Disconnect your top and bottom liner to open your eyes more
  33. Apply a white pencil along your brow bone to make your eyes look more awake
  34. Apply a coat of powder between each coat of mascara to add extra length and volume
  35. Use tape under your eyes when applying eyeshadow to prevent it from falling onto your skin
  36. To add extra length to your lashes, hold your brush vertically
  37. To switch things up, create a reverse smoky eye along the lower lash line instead of on the lids
  38. For easy application of eyeliner, create dots along your lid and then connect them
  39. For larger looking eyes, place the shadow crease a little higher than your natural crease
  40. Add a white or neutral base to your shadow to make it last longer
  41. There are dozens of ways to mix up your eyeliner application. Try something new to keep your look fresh
  42. To make sharpening easier, put your eyeliner or pencils in the freezer before sharpening them
  43. If you are running late, don’t apply liquid eyeliner!
  44. If you are going for a bold eye look, create a subtle lip
  45. Use blotting paper if you have excess eyeshadow. It will remove the shadow without disturbing the liner
  46. Apply liner right between your lashes. It’s called tight-lining and it will add definition while at the same time making your eyes look makeup free
  47. Avoid wearing concealer that is lighter than your skin. It will age your eyes
  48. Choose concealers with a yellow tint to take years off of your appearance

Natural cures

  1. Use sweet potatoes as eye pads for their anti-inflammatory properties
  2. Cucumbers will work too!
  3. Coconut oil is an excellent natural makeup remover!
  4. So is olive oil
  5. And Almond oil!
  6. Apply ice to reduce the look of puffy eyes
  7. Massage cool Aloe vera under your eyes as an anti-inflammatory
  8. Soak a spoon in ice water and apply it under your eyes to reduce puffiness
  9. Soy milk applied to a cotton ball can also help to reduce puffiness
  10. Pure Vitamin C is a great renewal for under eye care
  11. Tea bags are a great way to perk up tired and puffy eyes
  12. Avocados can help to prevent crow’s feet, dark circles, and wrinkling


  1. Eat a diet that is rich in iron. Foods like spinach and beans can help to prevent undereye bags and dark circles
  2. Eat brussels sprouts! They prevent macular degeneration and reduce the risk of cataracts

Eye care

  1. Moisturize, moisturize, moisturize!
  2. Protect your eyes from the sun by using creams with SPF 20 or higher
  3. Wear sunglasses on bright days to prevent squinting (it can cause wrinkles)
  4. Never scrub your skin. Be gentle when cleansing and removing makeup
  5. If you are squinting often, get your eyes checked. Squinting can lead to crow’s feet
  6. Take care of your skin starting at a young age. And remember – your eyes are the first to age so they deserve special attention.

Things to avoid

  1. Salt can lead to water retention in the eyes. Keep it to less than 2300mg per day to prevent puffiness
  2. Did you know – laundry detergent can cause puffy eyes? If you are constantly waking up with puffy eyes, try switching detergents
  3. Avoid smoking. It is death to your skin and can cause wrinkling in as little as 10 years
  4. Stay away from sugar. It damages your skin tissues and makes you more prone to fine lines and wrinkles.

Beauty tips

  1. When moisturizing around your eyes, only use a pea size drop of cream. Slathering it on can actually increase puffiness
  2. Use an oil based makeup remover to remove makeup without scrubbing or tugging the skin
  3. For the best lash curl, pinch at the base and then invert curler and pinch again
  4. Give yourself a light eye massage using oil every day to promote circulation

Eye shadow colors

  1. For brown eyes, use a navy-blue shadow to make them pop
  2. For blue eyes, use peach shadows both on your lids and under your eyebrows
  3. For green eyes, use shades of purple eyeshadow
  4. For blue eyes, use a chocolate eyeliner
  5. For brown hair, try peach and warm natural colours on your eyes
  6. For red hair, use neutral eye shadows
  7. Brown eyeshadows with a tinge of red can make you look tired
  8. Avoid eyeshadows that are the same colour as your eyes
  9. Brown eyes will pop with black liner
  10. For light eyes, use a brown liner
  11. Did you know you can change the shape of your eyes just by changing up your liner colours?
  12. White liners open your eyes
  13. Black liners make your eyes look tighter and more fierce
  14. If your eyes are bloodshot, use liners with a blue undertone. They will draw out the white in your eyes
  15. Invest in a white eyeliner. It can brighten the corners of your eyes, define your brows, intensify eye shadow, and make eyes look bigger.

Eye and makeup health

  1. Change your mascara and eye makeup every three months to avoid bacteria growth and infection


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