101 tips for eyebrows

Shaping your Brows

  1. If you have a square face, go with rounded brows. They will help to accent the angularity of your face.
  2. If you have a round face, go with angular brows. They can help to define the facial bone structure that is lacking in rounded faces.
  3. If you have a long face, extend your brows beyond the corner of your eye to play up your horizontal features.
  4. But don’t drag the tail too far, or it will make the eyes appear droopy…
  5. If you have a heart shaped face, you want to make sure your brows are well manicured and never bushy. Tight brows will help to balance the smaller chin line
  6. For oval faces, a balanced brow is the perfect choice
  7. For all face types, the brow should begin at the bridge of your nose
  8. For all face types, your eyebrow arch should be 2/3 of the way out – never centered
  9. For all face types, always avoid cutting your brow too short
  10. You can use stencils to help you shape your brows
  11. Using a highlighter right beneath your arch can help to highlight the shape
  12. The best method for shaping your brows: prime, draw, blend, highlight
  13. Don’t freak out if your brows aren’t perfectly matched. Chances are you are the only one who will notice


  1. Always pluck brows in the direction of the hair. If you don’t, you could end up with ingrown hair
  2. Never pluck brows when you are angry – you could go overboard. Come back when you are calm and de-stressed
  3. Apply Baby Orajel 20 minutes before plucking to ease the pain
  4. When plucking, stand back from the mirror so you can get a full picture
  5. Trim leftover brows with nail scissors
  6. If the area is red after plucking, apply some witch hazel to reduce irritation
  7. Tweezing gives you more control than waxing
  8. Always keep tweezers clean to avoid spreading bacteria
  9. Relax the follicles in the brow area with a warm washcloth before plucking. It will make the hairs come out easier
  10. You can fight inflammation after plucking by holding an icepack to your skin
  11. Always pluck in good lighting
  12. Invest in a pair of high quality tweezers to make hair grabbing easier
  13. Hold a spoon up to your brows to help you get the perfect shape
  14. The best time to tweeze is after a shower
  15. Never tweeze in a magnifying mirror. It can lead to over plucking
  16. If you over pluck, avoid tweezing for 3 weeks to allow brows to grow back in
  17. Never pluck more than one hair at a time
  18. To tweeze properly, hold skin taut with your free hand. It will reduce tugging and pain
  19. If you have tweezed way too much, draw attention away from your brows with your bangs or a bold lip
  20. Use slanted tip tweezers for general tweezing
  21. Use pointed tweezers for stubby, ingrown hairs
  22. Square tips make it easier to tweeze a large area more quickly
  23. If you have a hard time gripping tweezers, opt for ones with oval handles
  24. For those with weak hands or painful joints, try using a pair of scissor handle tweezers
  25. Longer tweezers will give you a better view of what you are doing than shorter ones
  26. Always place the protective cap back on your tweezers to avoid damaging them
  27. Wipe your tweezers with disinfectant after each use to prevent rusting
  28. When tweezing, alternate between brows. This will help to ensure an even tweeze
  29. A lot of people neglect the top of the brow when tweezing – don’t make this mistake
  30. Pull or pin your hair back when tweezing so it doesn’t get in your way
  31. Never dig tweezers into your skin to get short hairs. It could cause scarring
  32. Tweezing once per month will help to keep your brows in good shape

Getting a thicker brow

  1. Embrace a brow pencil for instantly thicker looking brows
  2. Shadow and gels can also work to create a thicker look
  3. If you are tired of pencils, try a brow pomade for fullness and fluffiness
  4. Brow extensions are a real thing! They are offered at many salons and last up to 2 weeks
  5. Castor oil can help your brows to grow in thicker
  6. So can olive oil
  7. And almond oil
  8. You can use a clean mascara wand to apply such oil to your brows
  9. There are also many over the counter serums that can help to promote thicker eyebrow growth
  10. Use a primer on your brows before applying a pencil. It will help the look stay fresh longer
  11. Never pencil in the entire brow, just fill in the gaps
  12. When drawing on brows, use the side of the pencil. Not the tip. The tip will draw too hard of a line
  13. When filling in your brows with pencil, use short hair size strokes to make it look natural
  14. Don’t be afraid of using multiple products to fill in your brows if they need some extra umpf
  15. For brows that pop, use a wet brush and brown shadow to fill them in
  16. Avoid going too dark, your brows will look fake


  1. When waxing at home, make sure the hair is at least 1/8 of an inch long before proceeding to ensure that there is enough length for the wax to grip
  2. Always start with the bottom brow when waxing at home
  3. Pull the strip off quickly and in the opposite direction of the hair growth
  4. If you need a waxing guide, draw your brows on with eyeliner first and wax around it
  5. Never go waxing if you are using a retinoid creams for anti-aging – they make your skin extra sensitive and thin

Brow products

  1. If you want sparse brows, use a pencil and powder to fill them in
  2. If you want coarse brows or to add density, use powder
  3. If your brows just need a little pick-me-up, use powder
  4. To tame wild brows, use a gel or wax
  5. Brow powder is ideal for a more natural look
  6. Pencils should be used to create defined lines
  7. Gel should be used for difficult brows that don’t want to budge
  8. You can use tinted gels to cover unwanted greys
  9. Wax is similar to gel, but less stiff for a more natural look
  10. If you have blue eyes, using a peach colour under your eyebrows can really make them stand out
  11. Sometimes the best brows are the ones that don’t match your exact hair colour.
  12. If you have dark hair, opt for an eyebrow shade that is a little lighter
  13. If you have light hair, opt for a shade that’s slightly darker
  14. Experiencing unruly eyebrows? Use lip balm to put them back in place
  15. You can also smooth eyebrow hairs using hairspray on an old toothbrush
  16. Contour your brows by using a lighter colour at the head and darker colour at the arch
  17. Learn your natural brow shape by letting them grow 6-8 weeks
  18. The closer the inner corners of your eyebrows are to your nose, the thinner your nose will look!
  19. Consider brow tinting for a more permanent colouring solution
  20. Take a selfie after getting your brows done in-salon and refer to your photo when doing a brow cleanup at home
  21. You can fix any filling errors with concealer
  22. Things you should always have on hand: tweezers, brow pencil, spoolie brush.
  23. You can use highlighter under your arch to enhance brow shape
  24. Never shave your eyebrows
  25. Go to a brow bar for professional tips on eyebrow shaping
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