101 tips for eyelashes

Curler Tips

  1. Always use an eyelash curler – They will give you the extra “wow” factor you are looking for
  2. Always curl your lashes before using mascara, not after – it will be less damaging to your lashes and your curler.
  3. Heat your lash curler with a blow dryer and your lashes will hold their shape longer
  4. For a more intense effect, rotate the angle of the lash curler
  5. You can curl the end of your lashes using a spoon.
  6. If you have wide eyes, choose a lash curler with a wider clamp to prevent pinching
  7. If you have smaller eyes, choose a lash curler with a flatter curve to prevent pinching
  8. Use rubbing alcohol at least once a week to clean your curler. It is covered in bacteria and germs that can damage your lashes
  9. Over time the pads on your lash curler can wear down and damage your lashes, they should be replaced every 3 months
  10. You should never skimp out on eyelash curlers. Invest in a high quality one – your lashes will thank you
  11. Avoid pressing down too hard when using your curler. It can break your lashes
  12. To use, line up curler with the bottom of your lashes and softly push down for 10-20 seconds
  13. The longer you hold your curler, the curlier your lashes will be
  14. Never pull your curler up your lashes. You will pull your lashes out along with it
  15. Give your lashes a break from your curler every now and again.

Mascara tips

  1. Let your lashes set between coats of mascara – it will help to prevent clumping.
  2. Never use more than one type of mascara at a time. Again, it will lead to clumping.
  3. You can use lash conditioners daily to give a better surface for mascara
  4. Use a thinner mascara brush on your lower lashes and the lashes in the corner of your eyes
  5. If you want your eyes to look lifted, skip mascara on the bottom lashes
  6. Glasses can magnify your lashes, making some mascaras look clumpy. So if you have glasses, wear a lengthening mascara. Not a volumizing one.
  7. To fully separate your lashes, move the mascara brush up and slightly outwards with every stroke
  8. Use black mascara on the top lashes and brown on the bottoms
  9. To make your eyelashes look extra long, start with a few strokes in the outer corners and then work your way in
  10. As you apply your mascara, wiggle your brush back and forth and upwards
  11. Avoid pumping your mascara brush in its casing. This allows air in and causes clumping
  12. To add volume to your lashes, dust them with translucent powder before applying mascara
  13. Another way to add volume to your lashes is to “stamp” them – gently pressing the mascara against the underside of your lashes
  14. Remove mascara smudges using a small, thin makeup brush
  15. When applying mascara, hold your head straight up. Putting your head down is what causes mascara to get on your lids
  16. Lower lash mascara can cast a shadow making your undereye area look darker. If this is a problem you notice, stop using mascara on your lower lashes.
  17. For a softer look, try brown mascara
  18. For a mascara brush that’s easier to maneuver, try bending the brush
  19. To prevent clumping, wipe extra mascara away from your brush with a paper towel
  20. To make mascara easier to remove, apply a waterproof mascara over your regular one.
  21. Coat both sides of your lashes to make them look thicker
  22. Holding the Mascara brush horizontally will give you thicker lashes
  23. Holding your mascara brush vertically will give you a more natural look
  24. To make your mascara go on more smoothly, soak it (in its container) in a cup of hot water before application
  25. Hold a spoon under your eye when applying lower lash mascara. This will help to avoid getting mascara on your skin
  26. You can use your mascara as a fluid liner by applying some to a thin makeup brush
  27. To revamp a flaky formula, add a few drops of saline to your tube
  28. Remove spots of mascara on the skin by using a q-tip
  29. Comb your lashes with a clean toothbrush to remove clumps
  30. To keep your lashes curled for longer, use a curler and mascara at the same time
  31. Darker mascaras will make your lashes pop more
  32. Always apply mascara from the root to the very tip of the lash
  33. Choose a mascara with a curved wand. It will hug your lash line and give you a better application
  34. For extra intense lashes, choose a mascara with a carbon black finish
  35. If you’ve had a late night, use blue mascara. It brightens the whites of your eyes and hides your lack of sleep.
  36. Skinny mascara brushes are better for shorter lashes as they allow you to get right into the roots.
  37. Curved wands are the best for straight lashes as they can be used to lift and curl your lashes
  38. Two coats of mascara is the perfect amount
  39. The fatter the wand, the more volume you will get
  40. Tapered wands help to plump your lashes, while at the same time separating each strand
  41. Ball tip wands can be used for more detailed mascara application
  42. S shaped wands are great for preventing clumpy application
  43. Hourglass wands allow for more even application
  44. Instead of pumping your mascara, twirl it
  45. Remove waterproof mascara with coconut oil and witch hazel
  46. You can make your own homemade mascara to avoid the harsh ingredients used in cosmetic ones
  47. Did you know that you can use mascara to cover grey hairs or roots?
  48. If applying mascara to top and bottom lashes, start with the bottoms so you don’t have to look down when applying the top
  49. To avoid clumping, gently rub your mascara brush on a tissue before applying
  50. Never use mascara that is more than 6 months old. It could cause an infection

Growing your lashes longer

  1. Lash conditioners can help lashes to grow in longer and thicker
  2. Castor oil and Olive oil contain fatty acids that make hair grow longer. You can apply them to your lashes to help them grow
  3. You can also use petroleum jelly
  4. Or Green Tea
  5. Or Shea Butter
  6. Or Vitamin E
  7. Trimming your eyelashes every 2-3 months will help them grow faster!
  8. Proteins and healthy fats are essential for healthy lash growth
  9. Regular massages of your eyelids can promote lash growth by stimulating the hair follicles
  10. Coconut milk can give your lashes a healthy shine, and can help them grow faster too!
  11. Eyelash enhancers can be bought over-the-counter to promote eyelash growth
  12. Avoid touching or pulling at your lashes. This can cause them to break and fall out.

False lashes

  1. False lashes can make your eyes look bigger
  2. When applying your own false lashes, put a mirror flat on a table and lean over the mirror with elbows on the table. This will give you more support so your hands will be steady during application.
  3. To make false lashes easier to apply, wrap them around your makeup brush first
  4. Apply lash glue using a q-tip or bobby pin
  5. Alternatively, you can line your lashes with glue and then apply the lashes to it.
  6. To make lash application easier, cut the lashes into halves or thirds of their regular length
  7. To remove false lashes, hold a cotton ball soaked in makeup remover over the lash for several seconds. It will help to loosen the glue
  8. False lashes are beautiful, but can also damage your real lashes. Use them in moderation
  9. Always fit and measure false lashes BEFORE applying them to your eyes.
  10. Use washing up liquid and hot water to wash your false lashes
  11. Drier glue will stick better to your lash line than fresh glue
  12. Remove excess glue from your false lashes using a tweezer
  13. Sleep on your back to make extensions last longer
  14. Avoid touching your lash extensions if you want them to last
  15. Use a silk pillowcase when you have extensions. Cotton pillow cases can cause friction, making your lashes fall out
  16. Never use mascara when wearing lash extensions
  17. Or an eyelash curler…
  18. To reset your false lashes, hold a hair dryer at a comfortable distance from them and hold for about 10 seconds
  19. When wearing lash extensions, wear a hairband to work out. Liquid and oils (ie. sweat) is not good for your lashes

Other lash tips

  1. Use a lash comb to prevent spider clumps
  2. You can apply a dark liner to the root of your lashes to make them look fuller
  3. When wearing eyeliner, be sure that you draw the eyeliner into your lashes so it blends in well
  4. Always remove your makeup at night. It can be hard on your lashes throughout the day, and removing it at night will give them a rest.
  5. Eyelash perming can give your lashes more curve.
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