This is standard advice which you should follow, so that your extension lashes last as long as possible, and look their best for as long as possible.

For the first 2 hours after your treatment when the glue may still not have fully set

Don’t let water anywhere near your eyelashes! This includes steam.

For the first 2 days after your treatment

  • don’t wash your eyes with water
  • don’t have a shower
  • don’t use a blow drier anywhere near your eyes
  • don’t go swimming
  • don’t stand over a steaming pan of vegetables
  • don’t get sweat in your eyes – e.g. from heavy exercise or Bikram yoga!
  • don’t go to the steam room or sauna
  • don’t wear your contact lenses (in fact, not for 48 hours, until the glue has had time to cure or dry completely).

Water is still a risk. Prolonged heat can also weaken the glue at this stage. The list of warnings above is mainly about avoiding heat and water. But after two days you no longer have to avoid water. Now, the big danger is oil-based products whch can loosen the glue. So after two days you should be able to wash, shower, swim etc like normal.

All the time

Basically, the less you do to your lashes, the better.

  • Don’t use oil-based makeup removers or skin products, because they can dissolve the bonds of the glue between the artificial and natural lashes. Use water-based products – but only after the first two days.
  • Don’t use eyelash curlers. You should have the curl you want from the choice of lash. Anything more risks breaking the lashes off. (The exception is real mink lashes. They tend to flatten when they get wet, and you may need to curl them again.)
  • Don’t rub your eyes, and obviously don’t pick at your lashes.
  • Don’t wear a sleep mask at night. One recommendation is to have satin pillowcases which won’t rub or damage your lashes while you are sleeping, especially if you sleep on your stomach.
  • Use a spoolie or a new mascara wand – not one with mascara on it – to gently brush your lashes first thing in the morning and when you go to bed (also after a shower) to separate lashes which have become tangled or clumped. Use it just like you would if applying mascara.
  • If you wear any eye makeup, use oil-free makeup remover or wipes to take it off. Try to avoid your lashes by wiping upwards towards your eyebrows.
  • There are special oil-free eyelash shampoos and cleansers you can use to clean your eyelashes when they need it. Some you can spray on. However, you may also need to avoid other ingredients in cleansers which might affect the glue attaching your extensions.
  • If you feel you must use mascara for a particularly dramatic look, be sparing, and use an ‘extension safe’ product.

You can’t rub your eyes with cotton swabs (bye, makeup remover), you have to comb them daily with a spoolie, and, according to crouch, you need to avoid glycol, an ingredient used at salons to remove extensions, like the plague. Unfortunately, glycol is found in a ton of makeup removers, soaps, and face washes, so check your labels carefully before slathering anything on your face.

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