B-Curl lash extensions are very similar to natural European lashes, but with a slight ‘flick’ at the tip. They are slightly curlier than J-Curl lashes. They are best choice for anyone who has naturally straight eyelashes but wants a positive curl in the extensions, without that seeming out of place.

The average natural lashes of Europeans are straight or gently curving, so that a J-Curl or a B-Curl, which have very similar stem shapes themselves, can easily bond to the natural lashes. That means they will tend to last longer, and only fall off with the host lashes when they are shed naturally. The advantage of the B-Curl over the J-Curl is that it allows anyone with very straight natural lashes to have extensions which have a curl at least approaching that of the C-Curl.

B-Curl lashes will tend to appeal to the wearer more than J-curl lashes, because at least some curl will be visible when looking at the eyes in the mirror. They can be blended with J curl lashes for a more natural effect, if needed.


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