C-Curl is roughly the effect you would achieve by using lash curlers or a lash perm on normal eyelashes. C-Curl lashes are often said to look like natural lashes with mascara.

C-Curl lashes are probably the most popular lashes. The curl adds noticeable glamour to the wearer’s eyes. They are particularly useful useful for anyone who wants to open the appearance of their eyes, and have a round or open-eyed look. C-Curl lashes can be used to good effect on almost all eye types (except perhaps hooded eyes, where the curl risks rubbing against the eyelid). They are usually a safe choice if you are uncertain what look to go for.

They should be able to bond well with most natural lash shapes, but you should take account of the fact that they may not last the full lifetime of the natural lash if the natural lash is absolutely straight. There won’t be a completely reliable bond for the glue. But C-Curl lashes will work well with anyone with short eyelashes, where the bond area is shorter anyway.


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