A CC-Curl has more of a curl than a C-Curl lash, but not quite as much as a D-Curl
CC-Curl lashes were developed when it became clear there was a demand for a step between the fairly safe C-Curl and the quite dramatic D-Curl.

CC-Curl lashes work best on anyone with naturally curly lashes. They are slightly more dramatic than C-Curl lashes, and they are becoming an increasingly popular choice.

CC-Curl lashes are most suitable for someone who already has naturally strongly curved eyelashes.

CC-Curl lashes are not suitable for anyone with straight natural eyelashes, because there is very little shared surface area for the glue to bond. There would be an increased risk of the extension lash falling off, rather than surviving for the entire life of the natural lash.

C-Curl and CC-Curl lashes will work well together to give a natural, not too perfect-looking, effect.


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