Close-set eyes

Close-set eyes are eyes that are close together. They are normally less than one eyeball width apart. The people who have these type of eyes usually have a slim nose as well. If you want to see if you have close-set eyes, check if the space between your eyes is that of an eyeball’s width or less. If it is, then you have close-set eyes.

Your aim

Your aim is to make the eyes seem further apart.

How to achieve it

This is the opposite situation from wide-set eyes. So, instead of emphasising the inner corners of the eyes (as we do with wide-set eyes), instead we emphasise the outer corners of the eyes. Styles to favour will be those which involve the heaviest and longest lashes at the outer corners of the eyes, and less or no extensions at the inner corners.

The best styles to adopt are the cat eye or the kitten eye, with a sweep outwards from the outer corner. You should avoid strong curls and use curls between ‘J’ and ‘C’.

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