D-Curl lashes are very bold, and so they are popular for giving a distinctly glamorous look to the eyes.

D-Curl lashes are particularly useful when you need to open up the eyes. They are also useful to add at the outer corners of the eyes to counteract the effect of downturned eyes. And if you want to create a dramatic doll look, D-Curl lashes are the answer.

You should not try to use D-Curl lashes if you have deep-set eyes, because the curl is likely to touch the upper eyelid.

To achieve a fluffier, softer appearance, D-Curl lashes can be mixed with CC-curl lashes.

D-Curl lashes are suitable for attaching to natural eyelashes which are themselves quite curly. But they will not bond strongly with naturally straight lashes, because the curl means there is almost no shared surface area for the glue to attach to. So, there’s a risk of them falling off early, rather than clinging to the natural lash until it falls out naturally.


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