Deep-set eyes

Deep-set eyes are eyes that appear to be set farther into the skull than usual, creating the illusion of a more prominent brow bone. To determine if you have deep set eyes, place your index finger over your eye, touching your eyebrow. If your eye can stay open without your eyelashes touching your finger, then you my have deep-set eyes. With deep-set eyes the upper eyelids may appear to be hidden. The eyes themselves seem to have an intense look, because the eyebrows appear to be quite close to the eyes.

Your aim

You will probably want to draw attention way from the deep-set appearance of the eyes.

How to achieve it

You should consider using long lashes to make up for the extent to which the natural lashes are set back. You may need to employ flatter curls so that they don’t knock up against the overhanging brow bone.  But also, to open the visible appearance of the eyes, you will want higher curls. You may want to use ‘L+’ for length and curl.

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