Eyebrow shape

There’s your natural eyebrow shape, which has the advantage that you and everyone you know are accustomed to it. (The extent to which you razor, wax, or tweeze your eyebrows may tell you how happy you actually are with your natural eyebrow shape.)

Then, there’s your ideal eyebrow shape.

There’s a journey you need to go through to reach your ideal eyebrow shape.  The road map for that journey is contained in the menus in the sidebar on the right of this page.

Everyone’s face and eyes are unique. But it is possible to draw up some general categories into which all those unique eyes and faces can be divided. From that, the beauty industry has been able to come up with some rough and ready rules on what shape and size of eyebrow works best with what face or eye shape.

These sort of rules should always be regarded as just starting points. Your particular combination of features may make a different shape or size of eyebrow preferable. Fashions also change. So will your personal preferences. Just because ‘They’ think that you shouldn’t have this or that shape of eyebrow with your face ‘type’ doesn’t mean you have to agree.

Step 1 – determine your face shape

You may find it’s very easy to place your face shape into one of the categories in the sidebar on the right. If you find you are in between two types, and you can’t decide which of the of two categories you fit into, you may find that the recommendations for eyebrow shapes don’t differ much between those two face types, and so the distinction will not really matter.

Step 2 – determine your eye shape and position

Again, you are invited to see if your eye shape and position comes within any of the accepted categories in the sidebar on the right. Eye shape and eye position are two different issues. People can have almond eyes which are wide apart or close together; or round eyes which are deep-set or protruding. And, of course, the biggest category of eyes is what is left over after you have discovered none of these categories apply to you – that is ‘standard’ eyes. The traditional advice about what sort of eyebrows you should go for – or avoid – for eyes of a particular shape and position is only intended for pronounced features. None of this should force you to make a decision you are unhappy with. It should all be treated as suggestions for you to consider – and reject, if you have an idea you like better.

Step 3 – find your ideal eyebrow shape

You may have got some general ideas from the above two steps. But that’s only ideas. You will want to see what actually works. There are different ways to approach this.

  • You can follow some guidance on where eyebrows should begin and end, based on lines drawn between your own facial features.
  • You can use stencils to allow you to draw suggested eyebrow shapes on your face, which you can wash off again.
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