Eyebrow waxing

Eyebrow waxing is a quick and relatively long-lasting method for defining and shaping your eyebrows. The entire hair is removed including the root. This allows the results to last up to 6 or 8 weeks, after which the hair starts to grow back and begins to become visible again. Eyebrow waxing is commonly used by women in place of tweezing or plucking their eyebrows, but some men also wax their eyebrows.

The process may sound a bit scary if you are not accustomed to the process. This article will tell you what to expect on your visit to the salon, and will also explain the pros and cons of the procedure.

Professional eyebrow waxing usually occurs in a salon and that is the safest and most effective way to get this service. On your visit to the salon for an eyebrow waxing procedure, this is what to expect.


Before you get started, the skilled technician will offer professional consultation to find out the exact look you want and to suggest what will look best on you. The technician may begin by plucking out a few hair strands from your brows and asking you if you are okay with the process before they begin the waxing itself.

To get the most effective results, you should do your best to give the stylist ample information of how you want your eyebrows to look before the treatment begins.

The Waxing

The treatment should be carried out in a private room, on a couch or chair suitable for facials. There will be a bright light and magnifying glass to allow the technician to see your eyebrows in greater detail.

The technician will first clean your eyebrows to remove any make up residue which might prevent the wax from sticking properly to the eyebrow hairs. She may use scissors to remove some strands of stray hair from the outline of your eyebrows.

The waxing treatment itself involves applying warm wax to the areas where hair is to be removed. There are two types of wax which can be used. The commonest treatment involves the use of warm wax. The technician will have this ready in a specially designed heating appliance. She will apply the warm wax and then cover it with a ‘pellon strip’ made of linen or other strong material. (The technician should wear gloves to prevent any infection passing to your skin.)

When the wax has hardened and is stuck to both the chosen eyebrow hairs and the strip, the strip is sharply pulled off, in the opposite direction from how the hair naturally points.

Less commonly used is hard wax. This is applied when it is warm, and it peels off on its own when it has hardened without the need for a pellon strip.

After waxing

After the strip has been peeled off, the technician will use a wax cleanser to get rid of any residue of wax that didn’t come away with the strip. This to prevent pores becoming clogged, which could lead to ingrown hairs. She may also used a skin soother to calm the skin and ease any redness.

Tweezers will be used to remove stray hairs that were missed by the wax in order to perfect the shape of the brows.

Does it hurt?

A lot of hairs are torn out in one go. The very top layer of skin is also coming away. So there will be some pain. But the pellon is pulled away quickly so it’s a sharp shock rather than a long drawn out pain.  But the pain or discomfort can be soothed by creams applied immediately after the procedure. You may find it a bit of a shock if it’s your first time, but you will get used to it in subsequent waxing appointments!

The pros and cons of eyebrow waxing

Eyebrow waxing has certain benefits and disadvantages over other forms of eyebrow hair removal and shaping. These are the pros:

  • The results last longer than most alternative hair removal methods
  • The skin afterwards is generally smoother than with other methods
  • You get a shaped brow
  • It is a quick process, so waxing saves you time
  • The results can be made very accurate
  • You avoid razor burns
  • Waxing pulls out the hair from the roots, which tends to make it grow back softer, thinner and finer and avoids ingrown hairs.

There are some cons.

  • For individuals with highly sensitive skin, eyebrow waxing should be avoided as it can cause severe irritation
  • It may lead to temporary redness and puffiness of the skin in the affected area.

With eyebrow waxing, the pros definitely outweigh the cons. Compared to other forms of eyebrow shaping, waxing is the most efficient, pain-free and long-lasting means of getting the perfect eyebrows, and in just a few minutes!

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