A Few Things You Should Know before getting Micropigmentation (Eyebrows)

Makeup application can be bothersome. Not only does it take up your time, but for some it can lead to irritation and breakouts. For others the actual application itself can be difficult. Those who have arthritis, for example, may have a difficult time applying makeup. But is there a solution to this? There sure is – and it is called micropigmentation. If you have never heard of the term “permanent makeup” before, allow me to introduce it! Permanent makeup is exactly what it sounds like – makeup that doesn’t wash off. And while it can be a great solution to everyday makeup hassles, there are some things you should know before you make it your final destination.

1) It’s not actually permanent

The term ‘permanent makeup’ is actually a little misleading. Don’t get me wrong, micropigmentation last a long time, but to say it is permanent is actually a false statement. It could be considered permanent – but only for a timespan of 3-7 years. After that, it will fade and need to be revamped.

2) What is it?

Okay, I guess if you’re going for a micropigmentation procedure we shouldn’t skip talking about what it actually is. Basically, its like tattooing your eyebrows on – except a little different. While the process is virtually the same, the difference is in how deep pigment is inserted into the skin. In tattooing, it is inserted more deeply than in micropigmentation. This is why tattooing is permanent and micropigmentation is only semi-permanent. Either way, both processes start and end with small needles being inserted into your skin.

3) Ouch!

Some people will tell you that micropigmentation doesn’t hurt. But let’s look at it realistically. You are having a needle poked into your skin…over and over again. Of course it’s going to hurt! Luckily, there are things you can do to reduce the pain. Firstly, your technician will apply a numbing cream to the area throughout the process. My advice? Take a painkiller beforehand too. Even if you have a high pain tolerance and find that it doesn’t hurt, better to be safe than sorry!

4) There are risks involved

Like any procedure, there are risks involved with micropigmentation. The main risk is infection. After that it’s granulomas, scarring, and allergic reaction. And obviously, when you are having anything permanently applied to your body, you run the risk of hating it – and then having to live with it. To prevent getting a botched eyebrow job, choose your technician wisely. Make sure they have proper training and experience before you let them anywhere near your face with a needle! Not only can your choice of technician prevent you from a terrifying brow job, but it can also reduce your risk of all of the above.

5) You will hate it……for a minute

Your brows are going to look VERY different than they did before. On top of that they will probably be red, inflamed, and puffy following the procedure. Whilst I know I won’t convince you to avoid looking in the mirror for a week, the least I can convince you to do is have patience. Your brows will heal, change colour, and transform in the weeks following the procedure – so hold back those tears that you will want to break out the first time you look in the mirror. Have patience, let your brows heal, and THEN you will fall in love.

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