Cosmetic Microblading – Pros vs Cons

Cosmetically tattooing your eyebrows – time saving idea? There’s no doubt about it. Good idea or bad idea? Depending on who you talk to, that could be up for debate. What side will you be on? Here are a few pros and cons to help you decide:

Pro: Time saving

Yep, microblading your brows will definitely save you time. Throw away your eyebrow pencils and gels, because you simply won’t need them anymore!

Con: It hurts

Ever had a tattoo before? Anyone who says it doesn’t hurt is lying. Now imagine having a tattoo right above your eyes – it’s not going to feel good. Granted, cosmetic tattooing IS different than normal tattooing – the needles are not quite the same and they definitely don’t go as deep. But the area around and above the eyes is delicate, so not matter how you want to look at it, the procedure is going to create pain.

Pro: A solution for hair loss

Not all of us are blessed with beautiful brows. Some people lose their brows during treatments like chemotherapy, while others deal with medical conditions like alopecia that causes them to lose all the hair on their body. Microblading gives these individuals the opportunity to have stunning brows just like everyone else.

Con: Styles change

Ten years ago ultra thin brows were the ‘in’ thing. Today, its all about bigger and bushier. So while permanent brows may seem like a good idea at the time, they can go out of date quickly.

Pro: Easy and hassle free

Makeup is great, but it runs, it smears, it washes off – microblading tattoos don’t do that. After less than an hour of treatment you will never have to worry about your makeup running away from your brows again.

Con: The healing process sucks

Cosmetic tattoos take about 2 weeks to heal. The area can become itchy, flaky, and even scabby. And unfortunately, relieving the itchiness will just make things worse, and could even lead to scarring and infection. This process absolutely sucks – but if you can get through it without picking you will be home free.

Oh, did we mention not to look in the mirror until fully healed? Not only will your brows be flaky and scabby, but they’ll also be extremely dark. For the first few weeks you’ll probably say to yourself, ‘what on earth was I thinking!?’ Rest assured, this is just another downfall of the dark time that is the healing process – welcome to the dark side! (Just kidding! Give it a few weeks and your brows will fade to normal).

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