How to choose the correct pigment colours for your microbladed eyebrows

If you are reading this, then you probably already know about microblading, the fairy godmother treatment for your brows. So, how do you know it will look good? It’s all in the pigment colour you use.

This semi-permanent beauty trick is the makeover you have always dreamed of, if you have ever suffered from thin eyebrows. Here’s what you need to know about choosing the right shade for your brows.

Step one: Find out your skin undertone

In order to choose the right pigment for your brows, you need to know which colours would look best for your skin tone. So first, you need to determine if your skin is warm-toned or cool-toned. Just go through these 5 easy steps.

  • Check your veins. If your veins have a blue shade, you’re on the cooler side. If they look greenish, you’ve got warm undertones.
  • Does silver or gold look better on you? Think about which metal brings out your skin colour and makes you look radiant. Girls who shine in silver have cool undertones, while those who look better wearing gold are warm-toned.
  • Nature knows best: your eye and (natural) hair colour can be the best signs to determine your colouring. People with warm undertones usually have brown or hazel eyes with black, red, brown or strawberry blonde hair. The cooler ones are blue or green-eyed with blond, brown or black hair.
  • Watch out for the sun: when sunbathing, cool toned people tend to burn into a pink colour and warm tones just simply tan.
  • What’s your preferred colour? Does blue, purple or green suit you best or are you a more earthy shades, red, orange or yellow, kind of girl? The first category will go to the cool toned ladies, while the second to warmer skin tones.

What does this tell you? If you are a cool toned girl, your brows should be dark brown, auburn, chocolate or brown, honey blonde. If you’re warm toned almost any shade of blonde works for you, as well as caramel or ashy brown.

Step two: What is your skin prototype?

Now that you know which colour works best, time to work on your brows. This is where your technician steps in. The professional should know which shade will best compliment your skin colour (not tone) and will give you the best look, once your tattooed skin has healed.

In order to determine which colour to use, first you need to establish what your skin prototype is. Do this by using the Fitzpatrick scale, a numerical classification for human skin colour. See the description below.

  • Skin type 1: you have very fair skin, which never tans and usually burns when sunbathing – goes best with blonde or red shades
  • Skin type 2: your skin rarely tans and burns in the sun – anywhere from blonde to dark can work here.
  • Skin type 3: your skin is fair and tans gradually – light brown eyebrows will look perfect.
  • Skin type 4: your pigment is medium colour and tans easily – dark colours will complement the skin tone.
  • Skin type 5: you have light brown skin that almost never burns – different shades of brown will make you look gorgeous.
  • Skin type 6: your skin is dark brown, deeply pigmented – goes best with darker shades.
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