How to look after your microbladed eyebrows

You have just had your eyebrows micro-bladed. What next? You need to take care of them correctly so that they maintain a natural beautiful look once they heal.

If you fail to take care of your eyebrows you will expose them to the risk of discolouration, pigment loss and infections.

How many touch up sessions are required?

You may be required to go back for one or two more sessions – called touch ups – depending on how your skin takes to the treatment. The first touch up session is normally four to six weeks after the initial microblading session. (Some eyebrows still remain perfect even a year after the original treatment.)

A touch-up is recommended to fill in any minor imperfections, and to keep the colour intensity of the eyebrows. Retouching of the eyebrows is painless.

How long is the recovery time?

Your eyebrows will need approximately two weeks to heal. An anaesthetic is used during the procedure so the pain will be minimal. You may notice some swelling or redness that goes away within 48 hours. If you find some blood or lymphatic fluid oozing from the area, clean it with cool boiled water and gauze. Afterwards, blot gently to remove any moisture left.

Your skin may also flake, but do not rub, scratch or pick the area. This may cause scarring or fading of the pigment colour. You can apply ice to the area as needed.

Which products and procedures should you avoid?

Avoid any creams with retinol and glycolic acid, and any chemical treatments, laser or peeling.

Avoid swimming, hot sauna, jacuzzi, sun tanning, salon tanning and any activity that increases sweating.

If you want to be a fanatic, you should not drink alcohol, coffee or any product containing caffeine, because as they may slow the healing process.

It’s also wise to avoid open air vehicles such as boats, bicycles, convertibles and motorcycles.

Do not stay in the sun unless it is necessary and be sure to put on some sunscreen.

Avoid any unnecessary touching to minimize the risk of infection.
You can resume your normal activities after the 14th day. Retinal or glycolic acid should however be avoided until the healing process has completed.

How will you clean and moisturize the area?

Two hours after completing the procedure, wash your eyebrows using warm water and a mild unscented cleanser to remove any blood and lymph. For the next two weeks, continue cleansing with mild cleanser once or twice a day. Rub your brow in a circular motion for 10 seconds, rinse with water and pat to dry using cotton or a clean towel.

After cleansing, apply a post-care cream to the eyebrows. The cream eases the itching that may occur in the early days after microblading. Post-care creams that you can use include – aquaphorin, grape seed oil or hustle butter. Use gentle movements while applying the cream. Do not apply the cream in the first two days. Do not apply a lot of the cream just a dab in order to let the skin breathe and heal.

You should apply the post-care cream as you shower to avoid any water from contacting your eyebrow. Other than that, you should shower while facing away from the shower head.

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