How to Look After your New Eyebrows (After Microblading)

Hate your brows? If your brows are thinning or need some pep in their step, you can use a new process called microblading to add definition and thickness that is lacking. What exactly is microblading? Commonly referred to as ‘feathering’, microblading uses a special brow tool (much like a small needle pen) to create hundreds of tiny strokes and generate a texture that matches the look of real brows. Results are semi-permanent and last anywhere from 12-18 months. Here are some things you need to know to get the most out of your new look and keep your brows looking natural:

Things to do after Microblading:

-Apply medicated creams or balms as directed by your technician

-Avoid touching the brow area when washing your face, especially for the first week after treatment

-Sleep on your back if possible

-If sleeping on your back is not possible, use small bandaids to cover the ends of your brows while you sleep

-Keep your brows as dry as possible. No washing, swimming, or sweating, and cover them when taking a shower – actually, take a bath instead!

Things to avoid after Microblading:

-Water. Treat water like it is the plague for 24 hours following treatment

-Makeup. Even though you are going to want to show off your hot new look, you need to stay away from makeup for at least a week to avoid infection. Sorry ladies!

-Direct sunlight and tanning beds

-Your hair. Keep it out of your face and away from your brows

-Retinoids, benzoyl peroxide, salicylic acid

-Your fingers. Picking at scabs during the healing process is a big no, no! Should you choose to forgo this advice, you could end up with scarring or infection.

Why is aftercare so important?

Many people think about microblading as they do a regular tattoo. This is a huge mistake. The difference between them is that microblading only scratches the surface between the dermal and epidermal layers of skin, while tattoos go much deeper. This makes aftercare much more important in microblading, and for optimal healing and colour retention it is necessary. Without proper aftercare, your results could fade and you could put yourself at risk of infection.

Too hard to remember all of the aftercare tips? Aside from applying suggested creams, all you need to remember are two words : BONE DRY. These two words can remind you to keep absolutely everything away from your brows – water, wipes, sweat, hair, fingers, ointments, creams, oils, washes – if you can name it you need to keep it away! Remember these two words and in a few weeks your brows will be beautified and ready to show off!

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