How to Look After your New Eyebrows (After Micropigmentation)

Worried about your eyebrows fading much like a tattoo? Don’t be. Micropigmentation, a semi-permanent form of eyebrow makeup, doesn’t require a whole lot of after care. Yes, the few weeks after the procedure is full of cream applications and avoidance of many things, but long term care actually requires little to no maintenance. Here’s a clearer look at what you need to do (or need not to do) to care for your eyebrows after micropigmentation:

The first week after Micropigmentation:

-For the first week after treatment, you will be asked to apply a cream 3-4 times a day.

-To avoid infection, keep hair away from your face in the days following treatment

-Scabs can be nasty, be never attempt to pick them off. You could remove the pigmentation along with them. Even worse, you could cause scarring

-Avoid getting your eyebrows wet for a week following treatment

Of course, along with the list of things you need to do, there is a list of things you need to avoid following treatment. Yes, this can be hard, and yes it can suck, but in the long run it will keep your new brows looking fresh and crisp, and can help you prevent infection. Things you need to steer clear of include soaps and facial cleansers, pools, Retin-A, makeup (yes, this includes non-allergenic), jacuzzis/saunas/hot showers, and anything that will make you sweat.

If you can make it through the upkeep of the first few weeks after micropigmentation, the next few weeks will be a breeze. After all, you’re getting them because you want to avoid the upkeep right?! Annual touchups may be required, but other than that there is little to no maintenance after the initial weeks following treatment. Just wake up and go!

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