How to Prepare for Micropigmentation

Anytime you go for a procedure, you should ask your technician how to prepare. The same rules apply for micropigmentation of the eyebrows. Micropigmentation is a relatively new form of cosmetic tattooing that can grant customers the wish of perfect brows all the time. But it’s always important to know before you go. So here are some things to keep in mind prior to your procedure:

1) Do your research

Micropigmentation is not for everyone. There are good candidates and there are bad candidates. Always be sure to ask your beautician about any risks involved, and discuss any medical history concerns that you may have before the procedure. Doing so may save you the embarrassment and pain of an allergic reaction or scarring.

2) Know the risks

You know that piece of paper you have to sign before you go for a procedure? READ IT. So many people skip reading this, but it’s extremely important that you know the risks before you consent to any type of permanent procedure.

3) Ask about healing time

When scheduling your appointment, don’t forget to ask your beautician about healing times. You will need to schedule a few downtime days after your procedure to recover properly. We promise you, you will not look your best during this time. Swelling and oozing are common, so you’ll want to plan your activities around the house. Make sure you make time to book off of work if you decide to get micropigmentation.

4) Go shopping

Speaking of staying in, you won’t want to go out shopping immediately after the procedure, so have all items you need on hand. You may need ointments, napkins, q-tips, and a few good movies and books!

5) Be aware of post-procedure instructions

You should know post-procedure instructions before your procedure. They may include things like staying away from dirt or bacteria, avoiding sun and wind, etc. If you know the instructions, you can use them to plan. You may, for example, want to do all housework beforehand or buy a hat to head home in – and you’ll definitely want to hold off on any vacation plans until fully healed.

6) Dress down

Your procedure could take a few hours, so you’ll want to dress comfortably. Not only that, but you won’t want to go in your best clothes. Pigment can splatter, so you’ll want to wear something you don’t care too much about.

7) Do not tweeze, wax, or dye brows for 2 days prior to your appointment. If you can, avoid it for a week or two beforehand. No Electrolysis either!

Finally, and possibly most importantly, research your beautician. Remember, micropigmentation is a permanent (or at least semi-permanent) procedure. You want someone you can trust to have a steady hand and do a good job. You also want to make sure they follow proper sterilization techniques because they will be using needles. Improper sterilization puts you at great risk – so again, know before you go.

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