Sugaring vs. Waxing

Sugaring Vs. Waxing

Waxing sucks. Let’s be honest here. The results are fantastic, and the process is quick – but wow is it painful! No one enjoys waxing, but the fact remains that millions of women seek out waxing treatments each year – over and over again. Obviously, we live by the rule ‘beauty is pain’ and there is no better example of this than waxing. But if you want to look your best and have soft, smooth legs, then me telling you this probably isn’t going to stop you from going out and getting your hair ripped out, so instead, why don’t we just take a look at the two options that you have if you do decide to go this route: its waxing vs. sugaring!

Waxing and sugaring are two very similar processes, but the major difference is in the ingredients used. The ingredients used within salon waxes can often contain chemicals and resins that, when applied to our skin, can actually be very bad for our systems. To drive this point forward, let’s bring up an astonishing statistic – over 60% of what you put on your skin ends up in your bloodstream! So, if you are putting harsh chemicals and resins onto your skin, they are going to end up in your body – and they only take 26 seconds to get there! This is why many professionals are now recommending that “if you wouldn’t eat it, don’t put it on your skin”. So, this leads us to the question – would you eat hot wax? We hope the answer is no. But what you could eat is sugar paste!

Sugaring is very similar to waxing in that it is placed on the skin and then ripped off to remove hairs from the root. What is different, however, is that sugaring wax is made up of all-natural ingredients that, yes, you could eat! While everyone uses a different combination of ingredients, most sugaring waxes contain a mixture of honey, sugar, lemon juice, water, essential oils, and salt. And since you can put all of these things in your mouth, they are also okay to put on your body.

All-natural ingredients aren’t the only benefit that sugaring has over waxing. When going for a waxing treatment, wax must be applied to small sections at once. This can make the process long and tedious, extending the pain for longer than necessary. With sugaring, the wax can be applied to larger areas, making the process quicker than waxing. Sugaring is also the less messy of the two. If you pull off a waxing strip and anything is left behind, you need to use a special oil based remover to take the remaining wax off your skin. Sugaring wax can just be wiped away with a damp cloth.

But wait! We’re not done – there are more advantages to sugaring over waxing! Wax is applied hot – this is an obvious burn concern, and many people have been burned by hot wax due to improper application. Sugaring, however, goes on at room temperature or slightly warmed, thereby removes the treat of burn.

And while we would love to tell you that sugaring is completely painless, we can’t do that. Waxing hurts, and so does sugaring. But, having said that, sugaring is “flicked” off as opposed to ripped off with strip. In return, many people do claim that while, yes it does hurt, the hurt is slightly less than that of a waxing strip.

So by now, I’m sure you have guessed my stance on the waxing vs. sugaring battle and really, there is no comparison. The only downfall of sugaring is that treatments are not as easily found in salons and clinics as are waxing treatments. But if you can find someone that offers sugaring as a solution, it is basically waxing in safer, healthier, and less painful form – and because sugar is a natural exfoliant it will leave your skin looking extra soft and smooth when you leave!

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