The best eyebrow shape for your face shape

Have you ever stood in front of a mirror and wondered: ‘What is the one thing that can instantly and profoundly transform how I look?’ Yes, it’s a single, black, eye patch. (Let’s face it, two would be inconvenient.) Apart from that, have you ever thought of doing something about your eyebrows?

I am talking about having microblading or micro pigmentation work done to your eyebrows. Well, like haircuts and almost everything facial, eyebrow shapes are not a ‘one size fits all’ affair.

Face shapes

Most faces can be categorized into one of six basic shapes. These are: ‘round’, ‘long’, ‘square’, ‘oval’, ‘heart’ and ‘diamond’. Each of these face shapes have a corresponding eyebrow shape that brings out the full beauty of the face. You can’t do much about the shape of your face – at least not naturally – but, the one card you can play is to adjust the shape of your eyebrows.

This is how to pick the best eyebrow shapes for the various face types – or more specifically and importantly, how to pick out the best eyebrow shape for your face.

The first step is, of course, to decide for yourself which of the six basic face shapes matches your face. This shouldn’t be too difficult. Now that you have decided what your face shape is, we can talk about the eyebrow shape you should try, and which ones you should definitely avoid.

Long face

If you are long-faced then you should aim at giving your face a little roundness. Arched eyebrows will make a long face look even longer. What you need to do is to keep your eyebrows as flat as possible, perhaps finishing them with a slight downward curve at the end. This will reduce the apparent length of your face and make it appear rounder.

Round face

if you are a round-faced person, you may wish to make your face seem more oval-shaped, or at least not further accentuate its roundness. You can easily achieve this with high-arched eyebrows. (A soft arch will also work well if a high arch isn’t your thing.) Hard angled, soft angled and ‘s’ shaped eyebrow shapes may also work well with round-shaped faces. Keep away from rounded and flat eyebrows which will only add more of a circular appearance to the face.

Oval face

By most conventional standards of beauty, if you have an oval face, you should consider yourself quite lucky. The oval shape is generally considered to be the ideal shape by makeup artists. A slight arch will do well to add some dimensions to your face. You should be careful about picking an over-dramatic eyebrow shape, since it may seem out of place on the features of your face.

Square face

Square faces get their shape mainly from a square jaw, which is a very strong feature. If you have this face type then you should adopt an eyebrow shape which will balance the square-ish look of the features to achieve a softer look. Eyebrows with a rounder shape or a low soft arch will do well, especially with brows of medium thickness.


A heart-shaped face is usually so-called because it has a pointed chin. A round eyebrow shape will pleasantly soften that look. If you want a natural look then you should opt for a low arch brow. A sharp arch will achieve a shorter heart-face shape.


Diamond faces are faces with have wider cheekbones. You can soften these with curved brows. A diamond-shaped face may appear quite angular and the key is always to soften the angles. Making them less evident will help avoiding a sharper look.

Final word

Of course, getting a stunning new look doesn’t end with choosing the perfect eyebrow shape; it is important that you get your semi-permanent eyebrows nicely done. Make sure you go to a good salon with an experienced eyebrow technician and get your brows professionally done. You may choose microblading or micropigmentation, depending on your needs and how your eyebrows look. Either way you will be able to bring out the beauty which is already waiting in your face to be announced to the world.

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