What are the benefits of Microblading?

Like unicorns, the perfect pair of natural brows simply don’t exist (A big apology to those who thought unicorns were real!). Most people’s eyebrows are either too thin, too bushy, or simply not there. And with eyebrows making the biggest statement in Hollywood, we all try to conform to the ideal brow. To do so, most of us put in a lot of time, effort, and even pain (because we all know waxing is not gentle!). But beauty is pain right? Well, it doesn’t have to be. Microblading is a form of semi-permanent tattooing that shapes and fills your brows, without making them look unnatural. Here are some benefits that come along with it:

  • Time saving – No need to spend an extra 10 minutes plucking and filling in your brows. Just wake up and go!
  • Money saving – Yes, microblading is relatively expensive. But let’s do the math. How much do you spend on eyebrow products every year? How often do you go to get your brows waxed? Do you buy special brushes for your brows? Fillers? Gels? Over time, this adds up. Microblading is more expensive up front, but it lasts for up to three years. So in the long run you’ll save time and money
  • It lasts a long time – As we just said, microblading lasts up to three years. Yes, we all wish it would last forever. But as trends change, you’ll want to change your brows too. So really, it’s just another opportunity to update your look!
  • No upkeep – One of the best things about microblading is that once the healing process is over, you don’t have to think about it anymore until its time for an update. It will not smudge or smear. Saunas? Swimming? Workouts? No competition for microbladed eyebrows!
  • It’s safe – Compared to many other cosmetic procedures, microblading is pretty safe. Yes, its important that you know the risks that accompany it, but when performed by an experienced artist risks are extremely rare.
  • Pigment does not change colour – Have you ever seen a tattoo that changes colour over time and looks horrible? Well, microblading inks won’t do that. All microblading pigments are organic and specially designed to stay the colour you initially choose. Yes, they will fade overtime, but the important thing is that you don’t need to worry about going from brown to green !
  • Natural looking brows for those with skin conditions – Skin conditions like alopecia can prevent people from growing brows. Similarly, treatments like chemotherapy can make people lose hair. Microblading gives people like this the option to have the same bold and beautiful brows as everyone else.
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