What is the Microblading Experience Like?

Convenience. Confidence. More sleep. Aren’t these things that we all strive for? Well the process of microblading is handing these things to women around the world! Permanent makeup itself is changing people’s lives, and is becoming the hottest trend in the fashion industry. But what is it really like to have microbladed eyebrows? Let’s start from the beginning…

Day 1: Oh the excitement! Right now your eyebrows are nothing to fuss about, but you know in a few hours all of that is going to change! No more brow makeup, no more tweezing – it’s time for your microblading appointment. But what happens next?

The consultation: This is where you will talk to your technician about all of your brow goals. How do you want them framed? What colour do you want?

The process: First your technician will create a shape or outline and colour match to your personal preferences. Then, the first round of microblading will be begin. This round helps to get the overall shape and prepare the skin. Next, a numbing cream will be applied to prepare for round two. This round could be slightly uncomfortable, but thank God for the numbing cream! During this round, your technician will add more hair strokes and texture.

The reveal: Okay, this part is a little bit scary. Don’t be alarmed when you look in the mirror, because your brows are going to be very dark! Again, don’t panic. The makeup has been applied to compensate for fading and within the next week you should see it start to fade by 20-40%.

Day 2: Things start to get worse. Peeling, redness, tenderness, and swelling are all common. Some even experience slight bleeding. Your scars are going to be extremely dark and people will notice. But again, don’t fuss too much because they probably look worse to you than they do to others.

Day 3-4: Pain and tenderness should start to subside.

Day 5: By now your brows are probably starting to get extremely itchy. DO NOT itch them. You may also notice scabbing. But don’t jump on the phone and start cursing out your technician. This is normal and is a sign that your body is working to heal itself.

Day 5-7: Expect serious scabbage – yes today we’re making that a word! If you’re like most people, you will be tempted to peel. DO NOT do it! Not only could you lose pigment, but you could also create scarring.

Day 7-10: There is light at the end of the tunnel! And within the next week or so the healing process will start to complete. After that, there are little worries or concerns and you can just enjoy the results – Convenience. Confidence. And more sleep!

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