A few things you should know before getting Russian Volume Eyelashes

Think your ready for the next step in lash trends? While classic lash extensions definitely make the eyes pop, Russian volume extensions take bold and beautiful eyes to an entirely new level. But are Russian extensions the right choice for you? Here are a few things you should know before you decide:

Russian extensions are much different than Classic extensions.

Classic extensions work on a 1:1 basis. In other words, one extension is applied to one lash. They make your lashes longer, but they don’t actually add any lashes to your eyes. Russian lashes do. In fact, depending on your preferences and needs, Russian lash technicians can add anywhere from 2-8 lashes to each of your natural lashes! This increases the length AND volume of your lashes.

They don’t last any longer than Classic extensions

Sorry guys! Many people have the understandable belief that Russian lashes will outlast Classic ones because there are more of them. Unfortunately, this simply isn’t the case. While classic lashes tend to shed with the natural lashes, Russian lashes actually tend to shed before natural ones. In addition, when they fall out, they fall out in groups 2-8 (whichever were applied), leaving large gaps in between lashes. So if you’re not prepared for regular upkeep, we’d still with classic lashes!

Extensions are created on site.

That’s right – Russian lashes are actually created and glued together as you are getting them done. They are customized to your needs throughout the procedure, and you can actually watch as the technician glues sets of 2-8 lashes together at a time. This is an extremely delicate and intricate process that requires more training than do classic lashes.

They are actually more lightweight than Classic lashes

You would think that adding more lashes would make your eyes heavier. But in fact, the opposite is true. Russian volume lashes are extremely lightweight – much moreso than classic lashes. In order to fit more onto your eyes, they are also thinner than the classic versions. They are designed to fill in the gaps between your natural lashes, yet still remain light and fluffy.

They are more expensive than natural lashes

Given that Russian lashes take more skill and time to apply than classic lashes, it only makes sense that they would be more expensive. The technician applying the lashes also has to undergo further training than those applying classic lashes, so it’s only natural that they need to charge more money for their service!

You won’t need mascara – or eyeliner

Russian lash extensions are enough to make your eyes fabulous on their own. While some people still use eyeliner, the lashes actually make it look like you are wearing it – even if you aren’t. And as for mascara ? You definitely won’t need it anymore!

They are great for people with sparse lashes

If you have sparse lashes with gaps in between, Russian lashes would be the recommended type. Classic lashes only add length, not volume. Russian lashes, on the other hand, can help to fill in the gaps between your natural lashes.

But Russian extensions are not the best choice for everyone. If you already have a full set of natural lashes, you can probably just get away with a good set of classic extensions – unless you’re going for the extra wow factor – than Russian lashes are perfect!

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