Choosing the Right Lashes for your Eye Shape

No one has the same face, so why should we all have the same lashes?! That would be boring! Even our natural lashes all differ from one another. Some have longer lashes than other, some are further spread, and so on and so forth. So why should our extensions be any different? Unfortunately were not all eyelash experts, so we don’t all know how to change up our extensions. Luckily, we can all become experts with the help of the internet! Here are some different ideas to enhance the look of your lashes based on your eye shape:

If you have hooded eyes: Hooded eyes have an extra layer of skin over the crease, causing the eyelids to appear smaller. In return, you will want your lashes to create the illusion of depth. To do this, ask your beautician to place longer lashes in the centre of the eye and taper them out towards the end.

If your eyes are closed set: Closed set eyes are eyes that don’t have much space between them. Natural looking lashes can help the gap between your eyes look wider. To make your lashes appear natural, ask for shorter lashes in the corners and extend the length as you move towards the outer eye.  

If you have single lidded eyes: These are eyes with a single crease. They often look very small. To make eyes appear fuller, mix up your extensions with both short and long lashes.

If you have rounded eyes: Round eyes are those that are the same in width as they are in height. To get the most definition out of rounded eyes, place longer lashes towards the outer corner of the eyes.

If you have almond shaped eyes: If your eyes are long, oval, and very distinctive, you probably have almond shaped eyes. Almond shaped eyes can get away with almost anything, but using longer lashes in the middle of the eyes can make them look wider. When you go for your appointment, your beautician won’t expect you to know every detail about choosing the right extensions. Don’t be afraid to ask questions! And remember, extensions are not permanent, so you can always mix them up next time!

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