Extension lashes shouldn’t follow the natural lashes

When you think about it, you probably imagine that the extension lash is glued right on top of the natural lash so that it holds it firmly along its whole length. You may imagine that, if you were to look at the extended lash under a microscope, you would see what looks like one long lash from one angle, but if you looked at it from the side angle, you’d see the artificial lash on top of the natural lash.

Actually, it isn’t like that. If you did it that way, you’d have a problem. Your natural lashes jut out in a variety of directions. Because of their shape and natural size, you are not really aware of it and you just see what looks like a fairly natural fan of lashes. But if you were to extend those natural lashes much further, you would end up with a very messy looking thicket of lashes – some striking out in directions of their own, some criss-crossing.

A good therapist needs to be able to produce the right effects by maintaining control of the direction of the extensions and the choice of extensions. For the best visual effects, the therapist needs to arrange your eyelash extensions so that they all go in the right direction, irrespective of the direction of the underlying natural lashes. This is achieved by gluing the extension onto the natural lash at its base, but with the extension lash pointing in the direct desired direction, not just mimicking the direction of the natural lash. The next lash will be placed in the same direction, and so on.

That’s how the therapist can achieve an overall look of all the lashes sweeping out to give a cat’s-eye effect, or curling up beautifully to give a lovely open I look. The extensions are what are now really visible, with the natural lashes being part of the unruly undergrowth.

The worst offenders at heading out in a direction of their own, or curling more than your other lashes, are the natural lashes which grow at the inner and outer corners of your eyes. This is because they are often the shortest. So the therapist may choose to pass over the 2 or 3 lashes right at the extremities of the eyes when selecting natural lashes on which to apply the artificial extensions.


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