Eyelash Extensions – are they worth the trouble?

Eyelash extensions – Are they worth the trouble? I guess that depends on how you define “trouble”. If you define “trouble” as relaxing for 2 hours while someone applies your lashes, or if you define “trouble” as spending a small amount of money to make your eyes pop – then perhaps lash extensions are not for you. But if you handle taking two hours to sit back and relax, and you want luscious lashes like those seen on movie stars – then yes, eyelash extensions are definitely worth all of the “trouble”.

What “trouble” do you have to go through to get lash extensions?

Yes, lash extensions can be somewhat time consuming. Because extensions are applied to the individual lashes, they can take up to two hours to apply. BUT these two hours are extremely relaxing – all you have to do is lay there. Is it painful? Not at all – just relaxing! And if you aren’t the type who likes to relax, just bring along a mp3 player or chat it up with your specialist – time will fly. And once you have your first full set of extensions, all you will need from there is regular maintenance – and lash fills don’t take nearly as long as a full set.

The only other “trouble” associated with lash extensions is the cost. The cost of extensions will depend on who you go to, but considering the difference that they actually make, I think they are fully worth the cost! Eyelash extensions don’t make a subtle difference, they will literally make your eyes pop and enhance your entire appearance. And again, the first full set will cost the most – regular maintenance fills will cost much less.

So are lash extensions worth the trouble? Here’s the truth – extensions aren’t any trouble at all. If you want to make your eyes stand out and have 2 hours to spare, just get them!

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