Eyelash transplants

If you have permanent gaps between your eyelashes, or an absence of eyelashes altogether, your only option is to consider transplant surgery. Eyelash extensions can only go so far in improving the look of your eyelashes. The limitation is that you have to have strong natural eyelashes for the extensions to be attached to.

There are lots of reasons why people lose their eyelashes permanently. Medical conditions, radiotherapy, chemotherapy or through compulsively plucking your eyelashes. (This is called trichotillomania).

This is how the hair transplant is done. A small section of scalp is removed at the back of your head. This includes the skin which contains the follicles. A technician separates the individual hairs and their follicles, ready to be grafted into your eyelids. The surgeon then implants these grafts one-by-one into your eyelid and sews them in place.

The entire operation will cost a few thousand pounds, but it’s a permanent solution. It is a day surgery procedure which will take a few hours, but you go home afterwards.

There is a maintenance issue with the new eyelashes. Natural eyelashes  grow and then drop out after a few weeks, which limits their length. Instead, the transplanted hairs will continue to grow, so you need to trim them regularly, just like hair on the head – which is, after all, where they come from – and you will need to have them curled to match the curl of your other natural lashes.

Apparently, it takes about six months before the transplanted lashes look their best and fit in with your natural eyelashes.

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