FAQ About Eyelash Extensions

One of the things we get asked most about eyelash extensions is, “Will they make my natural lashes fall out?” And over and over we give the same answer – NO! Well, as long as you are careful that is. Lash extensions themselves won’t cause damage to your natural lashes – the only thing that can do that is yourself. If you pull at your extensions, naturally, your normal lashes are going to fall out along with them. So jus’t DON’T DO IT! If you need your extensions off, have them professionally removed.

Alongside that, give your lashes a break every now and again. If you constantly fill in your extensions for 3 years straight, you’ll probably incur some damage to your natural lashes. But if you use them in moderation and give your lashes a break every now and again, they’ll be just fine. Here are some other questions we often get asked about extensions:

“How long do extensions last?”

Well, we cant give you a definitive answer on this one. It varies from person to person and from technician to technican. It really depends on the growth cycle of your own natural lashes, the quality of the glue used by the technician, and how well you care for them. But generally speaking, if you care properly for your lashes, you should be able to get between 4-6 weeks out of them – if you are okay with gaps in between. If you want to keep them full, you may need touch-ups between 2-3 weeks.

“Can I still use mascara?”

Of course you CAN. Do we advise it? Probably not. And to be real, you really shouldn’t need mascara anyways – isn’t that the whole point of getting extensions? If you choose to forgo this advice, at least use water based mascaras and stray away from oil based or water proof ones.

“How do I care for my new lashes?”

Caring for your new lashes is pretty simple really. For the first 24 hours, avoid anything water-based. This includes swimming, saunas, makeups, and yes, even sweating. After that, you’re free to do pretty much anything you like – except for pick at your lashes or rub your eyes. We’d also suggest avoiding mechanical eyelash curlers and oily makeup removers.

Simple right? For more FAQ about eyelash extensions, just ask your technician. And if they can’t answer it – find someone new!

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