How Safe are Russian Volume Eyelashes

Over 200 lash extensions applied to each eye? YES, it is possible! And it comes in the form of Russian lash extensions. For those of you who aren’t familiar, Russian lashes are similar to regular lash extensions. The main difference between the two, however, is that in regular extensions, one extension is applied to one lash. With Russian lashes anywhere from 2-8 lashes can be applied to each individual natural lash. Sounds crazy right!? But the results are astounding! And if you thought regular lash extensions could make your eyes pop, than your really in for a treat with Russian lashes.

But along wth Russian extensions comes a myriad of fears: Will they look good on me? Will they irritate my eyes? Will they damage my natural lashes? Will they be heavy? And the list of concerns go on and on. But hath no fear – we are here to put those concerns to rest.

“Will they look good on me?”

Ummm, YES! To date, I don’t think there has been anybody that Russian lashes don’t look phenomenal on – when properly applied. When not properly applied, well, lets just say you don’t want to go there! The quality of product and quality of application can vary greatly depending on where you go, so you really have to due your diligence to find someone who is qualified and experienced.

Will they irritate my eyes?

They could. Like regular lash extensions, special glues are used to attach false lashes to your natural ones. While the glue itself is generally considered safe for use around the eyes, it could cause allergic reactions or irritations for some. In most cases reactions are minor and will fade over a few days. But in severe cases eyelids could swell shut. Irritation can also occur if bacteria grows in the lashes, so it is important to have them changed regularly if you are going to keep them.

Will they damage my natural lashes?

Not if you use them in moderation. You can keep Russian lashes for a long time without causing any damage, but eventually your natural lashes will need a break. As long as you give this to them every now and again, your natural lashes should be fine. But one exception to this rule is if you pull off your Russian lashes. Doing so will damage your natural lashes, causing them to fall out and break.

Will they be heavy?

No. Russian lashes aren’t going to make your eyelids heavy and droopy. And contrary to what one might think, they are actually much lighter than regular extensions. Each individual Russian lash is extremely lightweight. So despite the fact that more are applied to your eyes, no extra weight is added.

So how safe are Russian lashes? Pretty darn safe! Yes, irritations and reactions can occur. And if precautions aren’t taken by the technician injuries can also occur. BUT such occurrences are extremely rare. My advice? Give them a try. If they irritate your eyes, have them removed immediately and stay far, far away. But if they don’t irritate your eyes, then let the windows to your soul be open!

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