How Safe Are Russian Volume Lashes?

You watched your mother as a child. Every morning she would get up, pump her mascara wand, and twirl it on her beautiful lashes. And as a child, you wanted to be just like her when you grew up. Well, now you are just like her – except putting on makeup is more of a hassle than something to be admired. It takes time and precision, and then when you are counting on it the most it blots, or runs, or leaves little black dots on your eye lids – ugh! Well, nowadays we don’t have to rely on mascara. Nowadays we can get lash extensions that look beautiful everyday – no running, no waking up early for application. And the hottest craze are Russian length lashes. But are they safe? Here are a few common concerns related to Russian lashes:

What if the glue gets in my eyes? First off, your eyes will be shut the entire time during the entire treatment. With that being said, accidents happen so its important to be prepared. Some lash glues contain formaldehyde which can damage your eyes if it gets in them. So if you are concerned, ask your lash specialist what kind of glue they are using first to make sure it is formaldehyde free.

Can I go blind? No. Remember, your eyes will be closed the entire time, so its unlikely that anything will go wrong anyways. Still, even if glue does get in your eyes, the worst it will do is cause irritation, not blindness.

Can I have an allergic reaction? Yes, allergic reactions are the most common risk of lashes. Many people are allergic to the formaldehyde in the glue, and it can lead to irritation. The best way to avoid this is to do a patch test on your skin before the procedure. If you are already getting your lashes done and your eyes start to water, use this as a red flag. Lashes should be completely pain free. Any discomfort could be a sign of allergic reaction.

So are Russian lashes safe? Yes, but its still important to take the necessary precautions beforehand to prevent irritation.

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