How to Choose different types of Russian Volume Lashes

When it come to Russian lashes, it’s all about volume! So many people ask the question, “what are the different types of Russian Volume lashes?” And given that classic lashes come in mink, silk, and synthetic, it wouldn’t be a stretch to think that Russian Volume lashes would be the same. But when it comes to Russian volume, it’s not so much about the different types as it is about the different volumes. What do we mean? To help you understand, let’s first talk more about what Russian lashes actually are….

If you haven’t heard of “Russian lashes” before, you may have heard of them through a different name – 3D volume lashes. Originating from, you guessed it – Russia, these lashes are designed by creating a bouquet that fans two or more lashes. These bouquets are then applied to each individual lash to create a volume that classic lashes can’t touch.

Wont that weigh down my natural lashes? Absolutely not. Russian lashes are extremely lightweight. In fact, even if you apply a full D effect to your lashes, they are still lighter than the classic ones.

So what do we mean its all about volume? We mean that when applying Russian lashes, you don’t pick between silk, mink, or synthetic. Rather, you pick which “D” you want. These lashes range all the way from 1D to 8D. But what does this actually mean? Let’s say you choose 1D lashes. This means that 1 extension will be applied to each natural lash. If you choose 4D lashes,  4 extensions will be applied to each natural lash. If you choose 8D, 8 extensions will be applied to each natural lash.

You get the point…

And as you have probably already guessed, the higher the D, the more volume you will have. So if you are going for a mild effect, 2D would be a good choice. But if you want bold, dramatic lashes that make a statement, 8D lashes cannot be missed!

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