How to Get the Eyelashes of Your Dreams

Mila Kunis, Megan Fox, Kim Kardashian – What do they all have in common? Amazing lashes of course! Long bold lashes can change your entire appearance by brightening your eyes and making them pop! But what’s the secret to getting the hottest lashes in town? It’s all in the extensions!

What exactly are eyelash extensions? We’ve all heard of hair extensions before. Well, eyelash extensions are the same thing – except for your lashes! Extensions are applied to individual lashes using a specially formulated glue that is safe for your eyes. And after about 1-2 hours of application time (don’t worry – its an extremely relaxing process), you will come out with eyes more spectacular than Bambi!

How long will they last? Probably longer than you would think! Most specialists will recommend that you return every 2-3 weeks for a touch up, but there have definitely been girls who can rock them for a lot longer. If you are on a budget, there are small things you can do to help you prolong their lifespan. Start by avoiding oily products and getting them wet. You can also prolong the lifespan of your lashes by avoiding curlers and mascara, and by keeping your hands off!

Why go Russian?

Russian eyelash extensions are the newest and hottest trend in lashes. Why? Because they don’t only add length, but they also add volume! They also tend to look more natural than regular lash extensions because they fill in the gaps between your regular lashes. And contrary to what you would probably believe, they are actually more lightweight and require less adhesive than regular lashes. And that is why you should go Russian! But here’s the truth – regardless of what lash extensions you choose, you can’t go wrong! All extensions make your eyes pop and give you the “wow” factor that we all so desperately strive to achieve!

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