How to Look After your New Eyelash Extensions

‘Extensions will ruin your real eyelashes’ – this is one of the biggest myths about lash extensions. Yes, I said MYTH. Eyelash extensions do make your lashes appear shorter, but the key word here is ‘appear’. When your lash extensions come off, your lashes aren’t actually damaged, they only look shorter because you are so used to them being long. And while your actually lashes are pretty safe from damage, the same cannot be said for your extensions. There are actually several things you can do to prevent damage to your extensions and prolong their lifespan. Here’s how:

1) Keep your hands off!  Your lash extensions are delicate and the more they are touched the more likely they are to fall out. This is specifically true within the first few hours of getting them. The more you touch them, the more oils get on them, and the more strain they face.

2) Avoid water like the plague for 24-36 hours 24-36 hours following your lash appointment, go nowhere near water. This means no hot showers, no washing your hair, no washing your face, no swimming, and no spas or saunas. You should also avoid anything that will make you sweat. After 36 hours, you are free to do what you wish as your lashes will be close to waterproof, but prolonged water exposure could decrease their lifespan.

3) Use mascara – your lashes will be long enough without it. Don’t put it on unless your ready to get rid of your extensions.

4) Avoid oil based makeups and removers – they will make your new lashes fall out quicker. And finally, never pull your lashes out. Even if you are ready to get rid them, do not pull them! This IS how you will damage your original lashes, as they will come out along with your extensions. Instead, opt for professional removal or wait until they fall out on their own.

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