Lash Extensions – Fun Facts

Did you know that our eyelash begin growing before we are even born? Or that only mammals grow lashes? Did you know that we have approximately 200 eyelashes on our upper lids? Or that the average persons eyelashes are 10mm in length – but the longest lashes ever recorded were 6.4cm long? No one need 6.4cm long lashes, but we do love to add length! Here are some more fun facts, except about false lashes:

1) They can help to strengthen your real lashes

Most people have the false impression that lash extensions can damage your real lashes. Granted, in some cases this is true (ie. if you pull them out, try to remove them yourself, or leave them on for way too long). But in most cases, it’s actually the opposite that is true.

Mascara is actually the real enemy here. Regular mascara use damages your lashes and makes them brittle. Opting for lash extensions instead can have the opposite effect, giving your lashes a break and helping them grow in thicker and healthier.

2) No Minks were harmed in the making of Mink Lashes

Mink lashes are one of the most popular choices for material. And while mink lashes are made from real mink fur, rest assured that no minks were actually harmed in the creation of your lashes. Rather, they were brushed and pampered! All it takes to extract mink hair is a good brush out – so even animal rights activists can feel comfortable wearing these luxurious lashes.

3) Bottom Lash Extensions are a real thing

Looking for a more theatrical look that will really make your eyelashes pop? Bottom lash extensions do exist! These bad boys can help to balance out and compliment the look of your top lashes. Unfortunately, these extensions are not offered by all lash specialists, because they require advanced training. So if you want them, you may have to really look around.

Oh, and if you notice your lashes falling out? Don’t worry, its completely normal. In fact, we lose between 1-5 lashes every day of our lives!

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