Mascara can be the enemy of eyelashes

If you are taking a time-out from eyelash extensions, and trying to restore your natural lashes to full strength as quickly as possible, I have to tell you: eye make-up itself is, to some extent, the enemy of your eyelashes. I know this isn’t what you want to hear just when you’re having to survive without your eyelash extensions!

But the problem with eye make-up is that it can dry out your lashes, and this makes them more likely to break or fall out. The best compromise you can probably make is to go to greater lengths than usual to make sure you remove all eye make-up every night before you go to sleep.

Some therapists recommend coconut oil as a particularly useful natural way to remove make-up and nourish your eyelashes at the same time. This goes along with the previous point, that you need to remove your eye make-up carefully each night. Coconut oil is a good make-up remover. It has the added benefit of moisturising your lashes – because dryness is always the enemy – and it also has antibacterial properties. To get the excess oil off, blot your eyelids carefully. Don’t rub them, or you’ll risk making eyelashes fallout.

The best thing you could do is to avoid wearing eye make-up and mascara. But if you feel you have to wear it, to maintain appearances – perhaps when you are out at work – at least try to take it off as soon as you get home and try to survive without make-up at the weekends. That’s what sunglasses are for!

If you do use mascara, make sure not to use waterproof mascara, because that’s the most difficult to get off, and you are likely to end up rubbing some eyelashes out in the struggle to get rid of the make-up.

Be wary of eyelash curlers. If you’ve been wearing eyelash extensions for a long time, your curl has been built in and you haven’t had to worry about it. Once you are dealing with your natural eyes lashes again, you may feel compelled to add a curl to them. The important thing is to squeeze the eyelash curler gently a few times instead of jerking it down hard on the eyelashes.

One rule you must observe, though, if you’re using mascara, is this: add the curl first. If you try curling eyelashes which are still wet with mascara, some lashes may end up sticking to the curler and get pulled out.

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