More FAQ about Russian Lash Extensions…

Last blog we answered two of the most commonly asked questions about Russian volume extensions. This time around, we’ll answer some less frequently asked questions, yet still common ones. Because there are so many different questions to answer, the answers today are going to be short, sweet, and to the point. Let’s not waste anymore time…

How are the lashes applied? With a specially designed lash glue that is safe for use around the eyes.

Does application hurt? Not at all.

How long will they take to apply? Due to the added skill involved in applying Russian lashes, applying a full set can take a lot longer than applying a set of regular extensions. To be safe, set aside 4 hours of time if  you are going for a dramatic voluminous look.

Will they damage my natural lashes? Not if applied properly. This is why it is so important to choose your technician wisely.

Will they look unnatural? For the most part, no. Russian volume lashes are designed with a fanned effect to blend in with your regular lashes. Still, people will definitely notice a difference and you will probably get a few, ‘wow, your lashes are amazing!’ comments.

How long do they last? It varies from person to person. Some people can go up to 4 weeks without getting a fill, but that’s if you’re lucky. Expect to need a fill every 2-3 weeks to keep lashes looking their best.

Are Russian lashes all about the dramatic effect? Not necessarily. Yes, they can definitely be used to create a shock factor, but in many cases people choose Russian lashes simply to fill in the gaps between their own natural lashes. Doing so creates a soft and wispy, yet still natural effect. So really, it depends on how big and dense you want to go.

Can I apply mascara to my new lashes? You won’t need to. Russian lashes will give you all of the volume and length you need – so throw away your mascara and lash curler, because these babies are all you need to have dazzling eyes!

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