Russian Extensions – Choosing the Right ‘D’

As the name indicates, Russian lash extensions originated in Russia and were invented by master lash stylist, Olga Dobronravova. Instead of gluing one false lash to one natural lash as you would with general lash extensions, Russian volume lashes create a ‘bouquet’ of lashes. What does this mean? It means that two or more false lashes are ‘fanned out’ and placed onto single natural lashes. Prior to the invention of Russian volume lashes, it was thought silly to try to attach more than one lash to each natural lash. It only made sense that doing so would weigh them down and damage them over time. But enter in Russian Volume lashes – a lash that is so thin (.07mm) that it wouldn’t cause any damage or weigh downs – and now you have a technique that is taking the fashion industry by storm!

But Russian lashes are not one dimensional. In fact, they come in multiple ‘D’s – 1D, 2D, 3D, 4D, 5D, and 6D – where the D refers to the number of lashes attached to each base. With 2D lashes, for example, two false lashes would be applied to each natural lash. With 3D lashes, 3 false lashes would be attached to each natural one, and so on and so forth.

Because the lashes are so thin and lightweight, you can get away with attaching more to your lashes. The main objective of Russian lashes is to give sparse, fine lashes a more voluminous look. The end effect is soft, fluffy, and multi-dimensional. You can choose your ‘D’ based on the overall effect you are going for. If you have very sparse lashes, you may need a higher D (5 or 6) to fill in the gaps. If you already have full lashes and just want to enhance the look, you may only need a 2 or 3D effect. Still, despite their ability to be extremely lightweight, we advise that you remain cautious about your D’s. Higher D’s (5 or 6) should only be applied to those who already have strong lashes to begin with.

Choose your D based on the effect you are going for. The higher the D, the more dramatic the effect. From there, you can add different effects to your lashes by choosing the length and the curl type.

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