Russian Volume Lashes – Pros and Cons

The bigger the better, right? This is why so many people are now opting for Russian Volume lash extensions over the classics. But Russian Volume isn’t the right choice for everyone. As with any cosmetic treatment, there are pros and cons to everything. Not sure if they’re for you? Here are some pros and cons to consider:

Pro: They are beautiful.

The most obvious pro about any set of lash extensions is that they are beautiful. They will make your eyes pop – and people will notice. Ever wanted to be the girl that everyone turns their head for when she walks in a room? With Russian volume lashes – you will be that girl!

Con: They are time consuming

Russian Volume lashes are extremely time consuming – even moreso than classic lashes. Russian lashes are customly created by your specialist on the spot. That’s right, they are each handmade during your appointment – not before it. And because of the extreme amount of detail that goes into creating them, they can take a lot longer to apply than the classic ones. Appointment time? We’d set aside a good 4 hours just to be safe!

Pro: They are lightweight

The most common concern about lash extensions is that they are going to damage the natural lashes. While this isn’t really true for any type of extension, with Russian lashes the concern is even less. Yes you are applying more extensions to your lashes, but they are honestly so lightweight that your regular lashes won’t even notice! Unless your tugging on them and pulling them out, they won’t cause any damage to your natural lash.

Con: They’re a lot of upkeep

The most common misconception about Russian lashes is that because there are so many of them, they will last longer than classic lashes. In reality, the opposite is true. Because there are more lashes, it’s more easily noticed when they are missing. Gaps in the lashes are unappealing and annoying. So unless you plan on ditching your extensions, you’ll need to expect upkeep – lots of it.

The pros of Russian lashes are quite obvious when you see someone who has them, but the cons are a little less talked about. Not only are they time consuming and high maintenance, but they don’t fit every lifestyle. Those who hit the gym or sweat often may want to consider different alternatives. In addition, they require more training and are more time consuming for the specialists. This means a higher price tag for you. But if you can deal with the price tag and upkeep, these lashes will be well worth your time!

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