Volume lashes & Cluster lashes: what’s the difference?

When you decide to have eyelash extensions, it’s not always easy to know in which direction to go. If you don’t know anything about the subject, you tend to assume that there isn’t much choice and it is simply a matter of going to a salon and have them applied, then you’re done.

While you could do it like this, it is also good to know that there are actually a few options available for those wanting more voluminous and/or longer lashes.

Today we’ll go over the choice you have if you want fuller eyelashes by looking at the differences between cluster lashes and volume lashes.

Two different looks

Cluster lashes are premade fans that are bonded together at the base by glue. Clients tend to find them appealing because they allow for a very dramatic look at a very low price. Because they are heavily glued to the lashes, they last longer than volume lashes.

Volume lashes are well defined by their name. They make your eyes pop instantaneously, with a fluffy and soft appearance. Because the lashes are so thin, volume lashes also make for a more natural look.

Although both options provide fuller lashes, “volume” is certainly the way to go if you want to avoid the “fake eyelashes” effect.

Two different processes

Cluster are applied on several natural lashes indiscriminately, usually with a heavy amount of glue to make them set. This makes the application a quick affair, and usually 30 minutes suffice to leave with a set in place.
The problems arise later, when the client realises that the lashes are too heavy and can even be painful because their weight pulls on the eyelid. Unfortunately, if worn for long periods of time, cluster lashes can cause the loss of your natural lashes which cannot bear so much tension at a time.

On the other hand, applying volume lashes is a very delicate operation. Because the fans are created by the technician on the spot specifically for the client, it allows for a more controlled look. We can almost say it is tailor made.

Some technicians will indeed adapt the length of the lashes depending on the shape of your eyes. That means you could typically have smaller lashes at the corner of your eyes and longer ones in the middle.

Likewise, even if you want 5D lashes, you could have 3D at the outer corner for instance. This will ultimately provide for a more natural aspect while still being able to achieve a dramatic look.

As we’ve seen, both options give you more voluminous eyelashes. However, cluster does it at the detriment of your natural lashes’ health, while volume is gentler, painless and looks more natural. It seems like an easy choice…

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