What are “Russian” volume lashes?

The name sounds rather intriguing but the reason behind it is in fact as obvious as it sounds: volume lashes are often referred to as “Russian” volume lashes because they were created in Russia. They quickly took the beauty world by storm and as the technique developed, the name stuck along with its success. Today it is widely used by women wanting fuller eyelashes everywhere.

With the expansion of the market, there are now many options available. But how are volume lashes different? And what are the benefits of this technique?

Russian volume eyelash extensions consist in a bouquet of 3 to 6 lashes which are fanned out and then placed on an individual natural lash. They can also be described as 3D, 4D, 5D or 6D to indicate how many lashes are in a fan.

This process is made possible by their weight, since volume lashes are extremely light – weighing as little as 0.00005 grams for a 0.05 mm diameter. In comparison, lashes used for classic style extensions are usually 0.15 mm or 0.20 mm in diameter.

This key element is at the basis of a technique that allows to apply up to 600 lashes to each eye without weighing down or damaging natural lashes.

Another specificity is the way they are applied. Contrary to extensions like cluster flares (which are placed on the eyelid), volume lashes need to be assembled meticulously by hand by the technician right before applying them to the client’s natural eyelashes.

To ensure neat results, a precise method is required whereby each and every lash is carefully isolated before gluing a fan. This prevents any damage that would be caused by natural lashes bonding together.
It is also the best way to create as much fullness as possible by taking advantage of the client’s available natural lashes.

Since Russian volume is a technique which allows to choose from 3 to 6 lashes to compose the fans, it gives technicians more options to design the end look. This variety means that it can suit different types of client wanting fuller lashes.

For women with naturally sparse or fine lashes, this technique can be used to fill gaps and create a voluminous yet natural finish. Selecting the density of the bouquets accordingly will help create a discreet and aesthetically pleasing appearance.

In contrast, those hoping for a more intense and glamorous look might go for the full 6D effect and achieve the show stopping “wide-eye look” they dreamed of, without damaging their natural lashes.

Russian volume is versatile and can appeal to a wide range of clients, which makes it a custom-made offer in the eyelash extension market.

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