What if my glasses get in the way of my eyelash extensions ?

If you regularly wear glasses, certainly that’s a big factor in considering how long your eyelash extensions can be. When you go to your appointment at the salon to have your eyelash extensions fitted, you should definitely take your glasses with you, even if you also wear contact lenses. That way, your therapist can make sure that the extensions you and she choose won’t annoyingly brush against the lenses of your glasses like windscreen wipers, whenever you blink.

You won’t have to guess about what length of extension is safe to go for. The technician can always put in one or two lashes to test the length, before going ahead and doing the full set for you.

It’s all to do with shape of your face. For a typical face, 10 mm may well be the maximum. If your eyes are relatively deep-set, it probably won’t be a problem at all. You may be able to go as high as 12 mm. There’s a whole spectrum of eyelash extensions, so there is bound to be a length which will suit you.

There are other solutions. You might, for example, go for a more exaggerated curl to keep the lashes out of the way of your glasses.

There is a potential upside as well. If you already have long lashes and your mascara tends to rub onto the lenses of your glasses, then that’s a problem that can be resolved by eyelash extensions, because there’s no mascara to rub off.

And you can always switch from wearing glasses to wearing contact lenses, in which case your eyelash extensions can be as long as you like. (You must remember though that you cannot wear contact lenses while extensions are being applied to your natural lashes, or for about 48 hours afterwards, so that the glue can set first. But after that it’s fine to wear contact lenses with your eyelash extensions.)

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