What’s the Russian Lash experience Like?

According to Cosmopolitan, Russian lashes are “better than Russian Vodka. Just.” But could this possibly be true? What could possibly be better than Russian Vodka? Well, Russian lashes! YES, they ARE better than Russian Vodka. Just. But what makes them so great? It’s the entire experience of having them!

The Procedure

The enjoyment of the Russian lash experience starts with the procedure itself! While many cosmetic procedures are painful and unenjoyable, Russian lashes are the exact opposite. You know the statement, “beauty is pain?” – well throw it out the window! The process of getting Russian Lashes is completely painless and actually quite relaxing. During the application process you will be laying down with your eyes closed. It’s up to you what you do next – make conversation, listen to music, or like many women, fall asleep! Russian lashes are extremely intricate so they take several hours to apply a full set – the perfect opportunity for some extra shut eye!

The lashes

As relaxing as the procedure is in itself, nothing can compare to the moment you see your lashes for the first time. Look in the mirror and there will be an entirely new person standing in front of you!

A sexier you!

A more confident you!

A bolder and brighter you!

Russian lashes will make your eyes pop, making them appear bigger and brighter than ever before. From up close, they will look like a dazzling set natural lashes. From far away, they will look like you have phenomenal makeup – despite the fact that you aren’t actually wearing any at all! That’s right, no more need for mascara or even eyeliner. Russian lashes are all you need.

The upkeep

Okay, so nothing that good can come without it’s downfalls right? Unfortunately, that’s right. The downfall of Russian lashes is that they require a lot of upkeep – kind of. During the time in between lash appointments, Russian lashes are really low maintenance. But they do require fills often. Depending on the person, you will need a fill somewhere between 10 days and 3 weeks. We know this is a huge gap, but it really depends on the quality of the lash glue, your personal lash cycle, and how well you care for your lashes.

The verdict? Overall, Russian lashes are a completely amazing experience and we will agree with Cosmo that they are in fact better than Russian Vodka. Just. But know this – you WILL get addicted after your first appointment. So if you are preparing for Russian lashes, you also need to prepare for the upkeep.

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