Eyelash perming

Eyelash perms (short for ‘eyelash permanent waves’) refer to a cosmetic procedure that is used to turn eyelashes up. The procedure gives your lashes the illusion of being bigger and longer by giving them a gentle curl. The treatment is popular among those who use eyelash curlers regularly, as it eliminates the need for curling for up to six weeks. Here is some more information on eyelash perming.

Where did the idea of eyelash perming come from?

While the exact origins of eyelash perming are unknown, many credit the trend as beginning in France – the beauty capital of the world. Some also believe that the origins of eyelash curling may have started in Japan where it became popular many years ago. But regardless of where it started, the idea of eyelash perming can be undoubtedly linked to the idea of hair perming. Hair perming is the process of using active ingredients (like ammonium thioglycolate) to break down protein bonds in the hair and alter the state of each strand. While the proteins are being broken down, rollers are used to reshape the hair and give it curl. The same methods and chemical processes are used for eyelash perming, though special precautions are taken to prevent solution from getting on skin or in the eyes.

How does an eyelash perm work?

  • A patch test will be performed to ensure that you don’t have any reactions to the chemicals being used
  • Lashes are cleansed with a makeup remover
  • You will choose your rod size (bigger rods have gentler curls)
  • Eyelashes are coated with a special adhesive and wrapped around the rods (or mini foam rollers or heated clips)
  • You will be instructed to close your eyes and a perming solution will be applied to the lashes using a small brush
  • Your eyes will be covered with a plastic film to generate heat. This will stay on your eyes for about 10-15 minutes
  • Perming lotion will be removed with a pad
  • A fixing lotion will be applied over the lashes and another plastic film will be applied to generate heat (for another 10-15 minutes)
  • Lotion will be taken off and the curling rods will be removed
  • A moisturizing product will be applied to your eyes

The entire process of eyelash perming takes 30-45 minutes

How long does an eyelash perm last?

Eyelash perms last anywhere from four weeks to three months, with six weeks being the average. The exact lifespan of your lashes will depend on your lash life cycle which is typically anywhere between 60-120 days.

Who can benefit from an eyelash perm?

Eyelash perms are the perfect solution for anyone who has a busy or active lifestyle. They are a good option for outdoorsy people and athletes who might find that their mascara runs off during the day. They are also a good alternative for career driven women and mothers who simply don’t have time to apply mascara and curl their lashes every morning. And finally, eyelash curling is most commonly used by those attending special events like weddings or holiday parties that want to keep their lashes looking beautiful all day long.

Are there different types of eyelash curl?

Yes. There are three different sizes of eyelash rod and the one you use will depend on the length of your lashes and the effect you are looking to achieve.The “S” rod is the smallest and is used for a tighter curl on shorter lashes. The “M” rod is a mid-sized roller and used for mid-length lashes. The “L” rod is most effective on longer lashes and provides a loose curl.

Are there any risks associated with eyelash perming?

Yes. Eyelash perming has not yet been FDA-approved (The FDA is the regulator of medical and similar treatments and products in the United States). The most common side effect of eyelash perming is burning. The solution used to apply the perm can result in burns if not used appropriately. Your eyes and the skin around them are extremely delicate, and it doesn’t take much for them to become damaged. Side effects may include irritation, burning, and in severe cases, blindness.  Solution that is left on for too long can also cause lashes to break and fall out. These are reasons why you should have this done by a professional.

What is the aftercare for eyelash perming?

For the first 24 hours following your treatment you should avoid getting your eyelashes wet. You should also avoid rubbing or touching your eyes, as this could cause irritation. During the days following your perm, avoid sunlight as much as possible. It can weaken the effect of the perming lotion.

Who can perform an eyelash perm?

Eyelash perms are performed in a spa or a salon by a trained and licensed professional. Because eyelash perming works with such delicate areas and strong chemicals, it is important that you choose your specialist based on knowledge and experience, not price.

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