How safe is semi-permanent eyeliner?

Let’s call semi-permanent eyeliner for what it really is – a form of tattooing. Yes, a little simpler than tattooing, and obviously the needle doesn’t go as deep. But it’s still just that – a slightly less invasive form of a tattoo. So if I were to say that eyeliner tattoos are now an option, you might reply with “who would EVER do that?” Well, thousands of people around the world. Semi-permanent makeup is becoming the way of the future. Women everywhere are now shaving their eyebrows and option to have them tattooed on. Lipstick? There’s no need – just have it tattooed! And okay, while we can understand these things, who on earth would ever think that putting a tattoo near your eyes would be a good idea? That can’t be safe, can it?!

The upside of permanent makeup tattoos is obvious – you wake up everyday looking stunning. But the downfalls are really the elephant in the room – so let’s address them.  One of the most controversial things about permanent makeup is that cosmetic inks are not FDA approved. This means we don’t really know HOW safe they are. The main dangers associated include infection, allergic reaction, granulomas, and keloid scar formation. Some tattoos may even cause issues during MRI procedures.

Now let’s say you make it through the procedure and healing process no problem. Well, you always still run the risk that you are going to hate your new makeup. Yes, cosmetic tattoos are only semi-permanent, so they do fade overtime. But three years is a long time to live with makeup you hate. Are there removal options? Yes, but they’re not pleasant. Laser removal is among the safest tattoo removal option, but it is expensive, time consuming, and can leave permanent scars. So if you are going for a permanent eyeliner procedure, you need to make sure you are ready to live with the results – good or bad.

Finally, the scariest thing about tattooing, of any kind, is unsterilized needles. MAKE SURE you choose your beautician wisely and do your research to make sure proper sterilization is being done. If you don’t, you are putting yourself at huge risk of infections, some as serious as HIV. Luckily, this is avoidable if you choose the right beautician.

So is it safe? There are definitely risks. It’s up to you to weigh them with the benefits – and yes, there are many benefits too – to decide if it is the right procedure for you.

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