How to Look After your New Semi-Permanent Eyeliner

So you’re going for semi-permanent eyeliner and expect to come out looking hotter than ever. I’m sorry to tell you, but if these are your expectations, you may be severely disappointed. Don’t get me wrong – you WILL look beautiful – but you’ll probably look a bit frightening first. The good news is, with the right amount of aftercare, you will should be healed and ready to go within a week. But what should you expect first?

While it doesn’t happen to everyone, the first week after semi-permanent eyeliner treatment can be filled with swelling, redness, and bruising. This can be reduced with proper ice application, but we highly advise taking time off work or school during the week after treatment. During the healing period you may experience flaking or scabbing of the skin. It is very important that you DO NOT pick it off. Doing so can not only damage the eyeliner, but can also lead to scarring and infection. So what can you do to care for your new look?

  • Never pick, scratch, or touch the treatment area
  • Always wash hands before applying any cream (as prescribed) to area
  • Avoid using any skin products, creams, or washes while healing
  • Avoid sunning, sunbeds, and swimming until fully healed
  • Apply additional makeup at your own risk. The best advice? Avoid it completely until your skin is healed.

During this period, your eyes may undergo several different changes. If you find the colour of your liner to be terrifyingly dark immediately after treatment – don’t panic, the colour will fade once the healing period is over. In fact, your eyeliner may undergo several shade changes while it heals. This is completely normal and with a little bit of patience you will be able to show off your new look soon!

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