How to Prepare for A first time Permanent Eyeliner Appointment

Two small lines can make a huge impact on your appearance? What lines am I talking about? Eyeliner, of course! With the sweep of a pencil you can give the illusion of bigger eyes, make your lashes appear thicker, and draw people into your gaze. Amazing isn’t it? But there are quite a few downfalls when it comes to makeup. Not only do many people have allergies, but not everyone has the coordination to apply eyeliner properly – but in comes the invention of cosmetic tattooing! Now you can have someone else draw on your eyeliner – permanently (or at least semi-permanently). But there are a few things you will need to do to prep first:

Put careful consideration into your choices

Remember, this is a long lasting procedure that you will still be looking at three years from now. So if you’re someone who likes to keep up with trends, it may not be the best choice for you. Unlike trends that change from week to week, you can’t change your permanent tattoo so quickly. So think about your desired results carefully. How thick do you want your liner? Do you want a thin natural line or a thick and dramatic line? What shape do you want? What colour? Do you only want the upper lid? Or the lower as well? These are all things to think about as you prepare for your cosmetic procedure.

Think about the date

You should never just “wing it” when it comes to picking a date for your permanent eyeliner. And a definite no no? Booking directly before a vacation or important occasion. The eyelid is an extremely delicate area that will need time to heal. Swelling is not uncommon, and you’ll have to avoid other types of makeup in the days to follow. So book a few days off of work, and plan on staying in.

Prepare your eyes

Not only do you need to prepare yourself, you need to prepare your eyes. Avoid wearing eye shadows or mascaras on the day of your procedure and take out your contact lenses. Your technician may or may not ask you to wear eyeliner on the date. They may want to create their own shape, or they may want to use it as a guide.

If you’re tired of allergic reactions and racoon eyes, permanent eyeliner could be the perfect solution. Carefully consider your options before going and ask your technician for more specific instructions on pre-procedure guidelines.

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