Is semi-permanent eyeliner worth the trouble?

Ah – the thought of having the perfect makeup everyday – it’s a beautiful thought, isn’t it? Well, if you’re brave enough to try it, you can bring your thoughts to reality! How? Permanent or semi-permanent makeup! But the words ‘permanent’ and ‘semi-permanent’ can be scary to some. We’ve all heard of the terrifying tattoo horror stories where someone goes to tattoo the words “sweet pea” but end up with the words ‘sweet pee’ instead. But are disaster stories like this possible with permanent/semi-permanent eyeliner as well?

I wish I could tell you no, but anytime you are applying pigmentation to your skin, you run the risk of mistake. In such a case, I have one piece of advice – choose your specialist wisely. You want someone with training, knowledge, professionalism, and experience. The more experience they have, the less room for mistake.

What else could go wrong with semi-permanent eyeliner? Aside from disappointing results, the biggest risk associated with semi-permanent makeup is infection. The risk of infection is present anytime you use needles on your skin. This risk is significantly increased if the needles being used are unsterile. In such a case, infections like hepatitis and bacteria can be passed on. Other risks include allergic reactions and scarring. Again, choosing the right specialist can drastically reduce any associated risks.

Now, to the question we all want to know – do the benefits outweigh the risks? Permanent eye makeup can be applied to the top and bottom lids to create any type of look you want. It takes away the need for daily makeup and is of huge benefit for anyone who often experiences ‘racoon’ eyes after working out or performing other daily activities. With permanent makeup, you wake up looking beautiful every morning – no need to spend hours in front of the mirror for the perfected look!

So is it worth the risk? If you hate doing your makeup or have trouble keeping your makeup on throughout the day, then yes! But to drill it in – choose your specialist wisely. Permanent makeup is exactly that – PERMANENT. You can’t reverse a botched eyeliner job!

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