The Benefits of Semi-Permanent Eyeliner

When it comes to makeup, there is not a woman in the world who would tell you that they love how their makeup fades away mid-day. Perhaps thats why the trend of permanent makeup is on the rise. But aside from the obvious, why are so many women paying to have their makeup tattooed on? Here are some of the many benefits that come along with semi-permanent eyeliner:

  • It saves time – With semi-permanent eyeliner, you don’t need to do your makeup twice a day – just wake up and go!
  • Round the Clock beauty – Speaking about waking up and going, permanent makeup is the answer to “how can I look good first thing in the morning?” No more looking like the wicked witch of the West when you wake up!
  • Tears? No problem! – Semi-permanent eyeliner won’t run, smudge, or smear! You can swim, cry, and sweat as much as you want without it moving an inch. This is why it’s a top choice among sports enthusiasts
  • The perfect solution for unsteady hands – Not everyone has the hands of a makeup artist. Some people may have difficulty applying their makeup due to physical ailments like arthritis or poor vision. But with permanent makeup, you don’t have to worry about these things – its already applied!
  • Allergies be gone – Not everyone tolerates makeup well. Some people have allergies to the ingredients within makeup, so they can’t wear it. Permanent makeup is the solution!
  • It’s semi-permanent, but not permanent – This is great because your makeup will stay strong for a few years, but will eventually fade so that you can update your look to match current trends.
  • You can enhance it with regular makeup – Sometimes we can get bored of the same makeup day after day, but don’t forget that you can always apply makeup overtop of your tattoo to enhance the colour and look, or change up the style.

There are so many benefits that come along with permanent cosmetic tattooing, but it’s not without its risks as well. Be sure to ask your beautician for all of the details before going for a procedure. It’s important to know all of the benefits and risks so that you can make an informed decision as to whether semi-permanent eyeliner is right for you.

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